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Verse 6 :

yastu sarvāṇi bhūtānyātmanyevānupaśyati | sarvabhūteṣu cātmānaṃ tato na vijugupsate || 6 || 

Literal Meaning:

He who sees everything in him and him in everything, by that he feels no revulsion. 

My Personal Understanding :

Fact 1: yastu sarvāṇi bhūtānyātmanyevānupaśyati 

He who sees everything in him and him in everything

To me, this is a practice, a sadhana of seeing oneness in everything. People often ask me how we can feel one with someone who is performing heinous crimes etc. What I meant by seeing divinity in others is inclusiveness. It is the feeling of oneness and inclusiveness with everything. 

  • Whenever we hear something good happening in others’ life? Be happy for them, feel that happiness as if the good has happened to you. 
  • Whenever we hear something bad happening in others’ life? Have empathy for them, feel their loss, and pain, and be there for them.
  •  Whenever we hear about someone who has done good unto others? Appreciate them, encourage them, applaud them and support their cause so that they feel like repeating their actions. 
  • Whenever we hear about someone who has done bad unto others? Do not bring animosity toward the person. Act on behalf of that person to heal those who have been hurt or harmed. What happens when your child hurts someone’s kid? You go and apologize to the other person on his/her behalf. Keep the same attitude for the same. Help those who have been hurt or harmed on behalf of the one who has hurt them. This does not mean to go to another person and say I am helping you on behalf of the one who has hurt. The mistakes of others are your mistakes alone. This is more like a mental attitude one has to embrace. 

Here is a small practice that helped me personally to come closer to the vision of oneness in all.

Fact 2: sarvabhūteṣu cātmānaṃ tato na vijugupsate || 6 ||

Seeing one Lord in all, he feels no revulsion

A true master not only tells you to walk the path. They also provide the yardstick as to how to measure if you are progressing on the path. How do you know if you are progressing on the path of seeing oneness in all? The way to measure your progress is given in the second line of the verse:

The measure to track your progress is how less revulsion you feel towards conflicting events and circumstances?

  • How do you feel when you are judged, ridiculed, mocked, or criticized? 
  • How do you feel when you feel you incurred a loss?
  • How do you feel when life did not go your way?

The second thing you can do is to introspect and see if you experience any hatred, anger, greed, jealousy, etc within you. Evaluate yourself at the end of the day. Clean the slate every day as these emotions alone become so big that you end up hurting yourself and others over time. I would just like to add a word of caution here. As you would start this practice sincerely, you would suddenly notice a lot of negative emotions within you. Do not despair or feel bad. Have compassion for yourself and deal with them gently.

Here is a self-awareness journal template as shared by our beloved master, Om Swamiji.

The other way is to reflect periodically on Death. We all will leave this body one day, it is only until we are alive that all these matters, anyway. Meditating on death clears the slate of negative emotions very fast.

Here is a video from our beloved Swamiji explaining the practice. When the self is purified completely and the seeker perfected in the practice, the text promises that he will experientially realize the oneness.

To be Continued…

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