Ishvarsrushti (ईश्वरसृष्टी) Vs Jivasrushti (जीवसृष्टी)

You are going for a long drive to relax. You see a mango tree ladden with mangoes. Tree doesn’t seem to belong to anyone.

You get out of a car and enjoy being in the shadow of the tree. You pluck the mangoes and eat it. You try to climb upon its branches. You admire  the birds dwelling there. This goes on without any fear or guilt. Because you know that tree belongs to no being.

Had the tree been own by any being, you wouldn’t have dare to pluck the mangoes without asking for permission.

You can directly drink water from a river at ease without  thinking much but you ask for permission to draw water from someone’s well.

There are two types of srushti/ सृष्टी ( source- Panchdashi by Swami Vidyaranya)~

One is Ishvarsrushti( ईश्वरसृष्टी) and another is Jivasrushti(जीवसृष्टी). 

Five great elements  and the created things and beings out of them i.e all the living and non living  is the Ishvarsrushti.

Jivasrushti is when Jiva starts identifying the things and beings created by Ishvar as mine and thine( yours).

Objects created by Ishwar do not alter, they remain the same but same objects may affect different people/jivas differently according to their mental states.

For example, Ishvar created woman and man. One and the same woman appears differently as a wife, a daughter in law, a cousin and a mother but she herself remains unchanged.  

Space is one and the same for all. Jiva starts identifying the space as mine and yours when builds the house or a bungalow. 

When a flower tree is outside of compound wall, anyone can come and pluck the flowers. But same tree if happens to be inside a compound wall, no one touches the flowers.

The notion of ‘I’ ness and ‘my’ ness (अहम् इदम्, मम इदम् )comes out of the ignorance of our True nature (Sat Chit Ananda). This is the jivahood. Jiva sees the Jagat through the vision of difference. Every jiva creates his own jagat/ srushti out of things and beings created by Ishvar ( from Ishvarsrushti), by coming under the influence of maya/ ignorance . Thats why Jivasrushti is limited, narrow and keep on changing as it is  governed by jivas likes and dislikes. This is the reason why do the things and beings get added, replaced or sometimes thrown out from the jiva srushti.
In this way Jivasrushti binds the jiva. It is the main reason for all his sufferings.

The enlightened masters/ Jivanmuktas live in Ishvarsrushti.  Because of their desirelessness, they don’t create their own world. They live in Ishvarsrushti i.e. among all the things and beings with sense of detachment. They don’t try to own anything as they are beyond the likes and dislikes.
Ishvarsrushti doesn’t cause bondage as things and beings are viewed as they are and not as mine and yours.

A simple but most admittable funny example will clarify how to apply this concept in our life to live at peace.
A single man is not miserable😊 ( Ishvarsrushti). Once he becomes a husband ( enters in Jivasrushti),  miseries start…😔
Expectations are born out of relationships. We don’t expect from the ones we don’t relate.

This does not mean that one should not get married but one should not view every thing and being as ones own possession but the creation of Ishwar, so that there will not be too much aasakti and expectations. 
So to live a blissful life, one must consider everything and everybeing as the part of Ishvarsrushti first and then interact. It will reduce the conflicts in our life for sure.

     Hari Om !

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