(Before you start reading, the lesson I learned is real, but the story is fiction I created. Hope you enjoy it.)

“Is it fine to just feel not talking to people?” R asked M.

It was after almost 6 months the best friends were meeting. They had been talking with each other on WhatsApp. Even though they had not met in the last 6 months, their friendship went back to almost 20+ years. They met when they were in Kindergarten. Coincidently, they were neighbours. 

After completing their graduation, they both shifted apart to different countries to study. But they always kept in touch. They would call, talk about the happenings around, talk about their friends or just nonsense. Finally, after 4 years of staying away and studying, they met on Christmas when they were home which was 6 months ago. They had to go back to their colleges to continue studying.

The covid pandemic brought them back home again. Just before coming, R broke up with his girlfriend. M was trying hard to work long-distance with her boyfriend. They were both disturbed and they knew the only person who would help them was each other. 

So, when R asked this question to M; she was not confused. She knew him for many years to know how exactly to answer. 

She said, “You are never asked to keep in touch with everyone you meet. In a lifetime, as you know you meet 1000+ people. You don’t keep in contact with all. You chose those 15-20 people who are true to you. We tend to talk to people who we knew won’t leave us. Yes, there comes a time when even people on this list leaves us. But then again we have those 5 special people who we knew would never ever leave us strangling. These 5 people knew even the slightest tone of our voice and so, even when these are special, we tend to keep quiet. R, it is okay if you don’t want to talk to anyone. But you don’t have to fight alone. You have us and we are here to help you get stronger. Trust me.”
This was enough for R to have faith in people which he lost when he broke up.”

It’s Time we understand two important things.
One, we are not alone. We have our special 5 who never let us hurt us. 
And second, it is okay to not feel like talking to people. We tend to keep them away from our suffering in order to not hurt them. But again, as social animals we need people to help us get through difficult situations, even If for a few days we don’t feel like talking.

Last time I wrote about Gratitude, and today I am sharing a lesson I learned.
(p.s- I hope I made a bit of sense here. I don’t know whether I should have posted this but even with that said, I am trying to learn a few things over the past year and this is one of them.)

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