Heyyyyaaaaaa! How have you all been? I know I don’t write frequently, because I am busy exercising these days. But I never forget to visit the site whenever I get time.

This past month has been both great and tough for me and my family. There has been a lot of improvement in my recovery. The muscles in my left leg have started working I can control them now but still, it’s gonna take time to regain its strength. My left-hand fingers have got some power now, I can lift the glass with this hand but am still, waiting for the fingers to open.  I have started Hydrotherapy this month and it has benefited me and given strength to my muscles. That’s why my schedule has been hectic these days but it’s all worth it. 

Now let me tell you about my Diwali week. YOUU ALLLL SHOULDD KNOWW that this time I tried and finally made the rangoli by myself. It just felt SOOOO GOOOOOD to do something that I used to do every year after a long time. I got my pictures clicked on Diwali and they turned out to be so GREATTT. It shows that I have almost recovered and won this fight. ❤️

For the very first time after the injury, I dressed up nicely to go out with my cousins on Bhai dooj. It was worth it cause I felt confident and didn’t give a damn about the prying eyes. As you all can see the featured image above.

Also, I have started walking on a stick now from today. I wasn’t confident about it that’s why I was not leaving the walker and shifting to the stick. I was scared that I would fall and then there is gonna be another injury. But a few days earlier, my little brother sat down beside me and told me this ” Harsh di stick se chalna shuru kr na ab, darti rahegi to kaise chalega fir utna hi time aur lgega. Thodi himmat dikha aur chod walker. Taaki jaldi se thk hokr hum kahi ghoomne chale bahut time ho gya Harsh di. Ab himmat dikha bas “. His words gave me strength actually. Many people have said the same thing but when my little brother said it, it affected me in a different way, cause this time my younger one was giving me a piece of advice I think. So finally I showed courage and started using the stick mostly. 

I am gonna come in with the more positive news next time I promise you allll. 

Here are the Diwali and Bhai Dooj pics.


Jai Sri Hari🙏🏻

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