So it’s already 2022 in many parts of the world, huh!? Happy New Year everyone!!! To tell you the truth, I wanted to share a post about my learnings from 2021, but then the future caught up with me! It doesn’t waste any time, I tell ya. The future keeps eating my time…

In fact, I didn’t even have the time to reflect on 2021 and the new year found it’s way in. And it occurred to me that life is also the same, we gotta do what needs to be done while it’s here, because when “the big knock knock” happens we won’t have time left to act!

But don’t worry, this post is a fun one!

As I couldn’t write about 2021, I decided to take it easy and share some random and/or silly stuff we could try in 2022, if we haven’t already attempted them. And I’d like you to join me in building this list and I shall edit the post as we go along!:)

Here goes:

1For one day, smile at all the strangers you meet, or as many as you can, if not all, and ask them how they are doing. Enjoy the ride and remind yourself that it’s for fun.


2. Apply for a random job, go for the interview and give illy, honest answers or say anything you always dreamt of. Include a few jokes and have some fun with the interviewers too. 
(I tried it and it was the most fun interview ever! I even threw in some of Swami’s lines:)) (Unfortunately I got the job though (and quit it too) so that’s a risk!)


3. Call your friend and talk. But stay on the phone even when you have nothing left to say. Enjoy the silence and do your own thing, until both of you wonder what the heck you’re even doing. #tried


4. Walk as if you own the entire universe even if you don’t own anything at all;)


5. Go ask for your dream job. You have nothing to lose.


6. Turn off your phone and sit alone in a room for a day.


7.Think of funny things and laugh alone behind your mask. 


8. If you’re not a dance person or are too shy, try to dance alone in your room and don’t tell anyone about it.


9. Imagine the most unlikely scenario whereby your most precious dream came true. Dive into it until you tell yourself: “Oh my days! I have officially gone crazy!” The fun increases if you do it with your bestie.


10. Go for long walks without your phone and sing to yourself instead! Free music, no baggage;)


Now, I am not sure if this is a fun list but I am certain that you will all come up with even better ideas and I cannot wait to add them to the list!

So, let’s kick start 2022 with a bang and share your randomness and fun suggestions, especially if you’ve tried them already!!

I wish you all to have the most fun and love filled 2022 basking in divine grace!:)

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