Almost 3 months before, on 19th April , I was sure to be covid+ . Reason being , i started to feel low and under the weather a day before . Those were the initial days of the covid condition getting worse and worse in Delhi . The next day I was quarantined and started having cold feet hoping for all this end in a day or two . Little did I knew, that I would suffer from high fever , cold&cuff and weakness. All the news channels and social platforms announced the arrival of the second wave of corona. As I got to know , more of youngsters are getting into the trap of corona , i started gaining negetive and scary thoughts. There was a scarcity of even the basic items that are used by a person in fever. Even I could’nt get my required medicine but lucking got an alternative of it. I was feeling very dizzy and weak , could’nt even walk in my own room where I was confined for 14 days for 2 minutes. Then, as a result I blacked out two times and I began to feel more anxious. One day , i woke up to 102.6 fever which was’nt a good sign. All these things scared me to death ! I literally went mad at that time ! Kept on checking my oxygen rate and temperature many times a day and did no compromises in taking medicines. My mom, who was taking a great care of me with all love , adviced me to think positive and pray to god to make everyone recover at the earliest. I learnt one thing that medicines will do our own work and our thinking will do it own. My parents asked to me to use my mobile for entertainment , calling friends , or anything that would make me feel happy. After a lot of convincing literally a lottt of convincing made me do so . These things kept me distracted from my illness and I would pay more time in listening to music , talking to my dear ones or just seeing memes. Keeping positivity and taking medical precautions , medicines on time have really helped me a lot . That was the time I realised the value of positivity in faith in yourself and in God even in the tuffest of the times. Well still I’m in the process of becoming 100% positive but did’nt accomplist it yet, I’ll not lie. And here I end up saying that , always surround yourself with positive and good vibes / thoughts.✨

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