Having worked in the development sector I do come across many stories that touch my heart and make me feel truly fortunate. I have always believed that one should donate systematically. But a few months ago  a friend of mine taught me how important is to sometimes just help someone in need and not look at everything from a developmental/macro point of view. Once convinced I decided to help anyone that I would come across and is in need of  support to live a life of dignity. I started looking at these opportunities to build positivity in my life and to show my gratitude for whatever I have.

I have been very fortunate to be given so many opportunities to support the needy in form of school fees, ration for the families, food for the destitue, money for healthcare etc.  On a lighter note it helps the ‘Act‘ score card on the black lotus app move fast.  While i do a get a sense of fullfilement because of my profession but the happiness, peace and joy I get by supporting these individual lives is unexplainable. It’s infact an addiction. Gratitude for such opportunities.

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