When a person from small town shifts to a big city he only see those glimpses, facilities and charisma of that place. Till this point he is unaware of the reality of these big Cities. Life is easy there, that’s what generally he assume, when he see the reality his castle of hope collapses. Same thing happened to me. It’s been more than six months since I’m living in Delhi. Those who once lived in Himalayas, it becomes difficult for them to be in hustle bustle of cities.Β 

I don’t disrespect this place but it’s something which is not meant for me. People here are busy with the things which they don’t even know why they are doing this. My generation is looking for escape from their routine by going in to parties, drinking, smoking, enjoying this and they feel proud to do so because after all this makes them cool. Most of us are depressed because we are hating Mondays. How we are supposed to progress? Literally in six months I didn’t understand what this place is. People are so busy with in them that they ignore what’s going in surrounding. I know it’s good to look inside you but are we doing so really? Are we doing introspection or just ignoring outside by giving escapes to ourselves?

Thank God I met Suguna Dee here in Delhi, a beautiful Co-Devotee. Delhi was better place with her presence. Really, you are a very kind soul Dee, how you evolved with time, I have seen this. A girl who has courage to accept her flaws, mistakes as well, this motivates me. May you grow in every aspect of life.

What happened yesterday I was travelling in metro and near Rajiv Chowk Metro Station I had to change to Yellow line. When I was boarding off the train then suddenly a huge crowd was boarding on the train and these people covered the whole door, not leaving any space for passengers to leave. We managed to escape from there but suddenly when I was going outside, few people came and literally they pushed me and I fell down on my back. It hurts still. But the thing was that no one came to help me. I managed to stand up on my own and then I limped out of there.

People are so busy that they don’t care for others, it’s really painful to see where we are heading towards. I realized what if feels to be that child in crowd who lost his life due to this. I realized how small I’m. I just want to express my feelings, if you see any such situation please come forward to help. Don’t just speak but show your kindness, your human nature.

Till now I survived here. For sure I’ll manage to survive in upcoming days too.

Have a blissful time dear readers.Β