At some point, we might wonder why faith and spirituality is important. In my view, faith and spirituality are two different things. Spirituality is a way of life that makes us better and kinder human beings while on the other hand, faith is believing that something higher than us exists and we can draw on that energy when we need it the most. 

For me, both are important. I don’t think that I can be spiritual for long without keeping faith. In this selfish world, selfishness succeeds more often than we might think and it tries to keep breaking us. We need a layer of protection to keep that cruelty from sucking the essence of who we are. We need something to believe in, like a lighthouse in a dark night on far stretching sea. We need guidance and we need emotional strength to deal with whatever life throws at us.

That’s where faith comes in. For me, it’s a solid anchor that keeps me from being thrown off of the game. I may be in the deepest hell emotionally but the moment I start thinking about him, a serenity dawns in. It reminds me I belong to him, and he is looking after me. And the best part? He always keeps up. Place your trust in him and it will never go wasted. 

‘Mahadev’ is called as such for a reason, He never disappoints. He never even gives you a reason to think that maybe god doesn’t exist. That fulfillment and peace that overcomes you when you realise that he is everywhere, looking at you, looking out for you is a sentiment that cannot be described in words. It’s a feeling like nothing else, the feeling you get when you know you have got the strongest being by your side and nothing can ever take you down. That feeling of being invincible and being protected at the same time. It doesn’t fill you with arrogance, it fills you with ecstasy and love towards every living and non living that this world contains.  

Did I tell you that he is an excellent therapist too? May \be the best one because he doesn’t prescribe any medications, Rather he just wipes your consciousness clean of whatever it is that is bothering you. In my case, it was a huge emotional baggage that I was carrying around, I was ruminating over it for months and the thoughts just won’t leave me alone, at last I broke down last month and begged him to take it away. Within two days, I started feeling completely fine. Thoughts were still there but they did not have control over me anymore, they just stopped bothering me and sat in my head like when you mute the TV, the video is still playing but it’s not catching your attention anymore.  

What faith does, is make you see the bigger picture, and be the bigger-better person. You gradually start becoming more like your Isht, more loving and forgiving. Now when I think about the people who hurt me in the past, I feel sorry for them as they must have known nothing better. Faith makes it alright, it gives you a sense of hope and protection. In a world full of chaos, it’s your constant companion, your eternal soulmate. whenever I start feeling anxious, all I need is a half hour meditation and everything starts making sense again.

That fear of not mixing up too much people and not to let anybody come too close still stays like an involuntary automated reaction, but I am no longer anxious about anyone hurting me. My faith and my mantras has made me strong enough to sit calmly and think it through. If you are facing any kind of mental tension, pick up a mantra, with whose deity you connect  the most and start reciting it on a daily basis. I have felt the power it gives you, it will make you tremendously strong internally.

Surprisingly, after a point, the mantra doesn’t feel like just words. It feels like your deity himself. For me, my mantra started becoming more tangible and physical for me. You develop a strong relationship with whatever mantra you choose, like a happy song. Although, none of this would have happened without his grace. For that and many other things my Isht has blessed me with, I will be eternally grateful. In my personal opinion there is only one eternal relationship and the only one worth putting in efforts of penance is the relationship with your god. Call him god, call him universe, call him energy or anything else you might prefer. But if you allow him to be a part of your life, everything in the end, will be alright. That’s my word to you.

Dearest Shiva, Thank you for everything you are to me, thank you for being my entire universe. ❤️

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