Always follow your own inner calling. 

Let me share my experience with you on this. As it is, on all through I have been sharing only and only my own stuff . This platform is my satsang hall indeed. 😊

Well, for how long I can recall from my memory, the bug of log kya kahenge (लोग क्या कहेँगे ) never bothered me much. My brain/mind has been hard wired like this. All but one, decisions of life were direct from the heart. And there is not a pinch of regret whatsoever till now.

Yet, I would stress upon one thing that goes side by side and I somehow missed to follow it. And it is – keeping all gates open for communication with everyone around.

I lacked this quality. I was a closed person when it comes to sharing our inner stuff. (Not now, though😊) Somuchso that I have hardly communicated my heart out in front of parental and in-laws’ family members. Somehow  wave lengths never clicked. Almost everyone enjoyed those topics which I was least interested in. You all know what I mean. But routine, mundane, give and take , occasional gatherings have been a part of life. Life partner also enjoys his life at a different wave length. All in all – मेरी बातें रहीं मेरे दिल में, कुछ कह न पाई उलझन में. कोई सुनने वाला होता ही नहीं था. सब केवल बोलना एन्जॉय किया करते. Or, may be I didn’t have that calibre to share myself.

Then came in life a satsang group, few like minded friends and office colleagues. This was awsome. Now I had started to talk my heart out, in bits and pieces. This served as a support for the otherwise misfit soul. 

Along with this I also had a peculiar trait of analysing things.

I notice now that my own mind always worked over time. (Not now😊). This trait was very helpful in taking calculated and well-aware material decisions. But, this perhaps had been keeping a cap on my mouth as well.  I used to wonder – will they understand if I speak something out? Are they interested even to know what’s going on in this mind!!!!

When it comes to emotional journey, contemplative mind helps here immensely. Although the time period to get benefits out of this habit has been long  for me, but the result is simply bright, great, full of peace and serenity. Swamiji has taught us in his videos and blogs as to how to inculcate this useful habit of contemplating over our thoughts.


And the emotions that originate once mind gets its peace, are very fulfilling. Very much  soothing. My life seems to be flowing now. At this stage, Universe also  starts to  become lienent with you .  Imagine how parents behave when child truthfully accepts his mistakes. 

And then the next best thing happens. FULL SURRENDER surrounds the mind, keeping it well protected. This takes us on a very very steadfast road. Since mind is at peace, now you start to taste that unique flavour of tranquility. (With very few glitches here and there).

All my young friends  who are in the midst of journey (especially age wise), please just chill for all the life’s major decisions You know the very mind that keeps throwing confusions, would, one day, send such a chilled thought on the  subject in hand that would put rest to the thought  that creates confusion.  This comes naturally if we continue to read and listen to Swamiji.  There hardly is any confusion which is unanswered by Swamiji.

Contemplation and communication  are very effective tools.  Relations and journey gets joyful.  Talking your heart out heals as well.  So follow your heart, be communicative, do contemplation and keep walking on to the way to…..

TO  D I V I N I T Y. 🌹




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