Till a fortnight  back, it seemed such a far cry to be able to feel positive, somewhat content and peaceful once again🤔.    A lingering taste of contentment, peaceful and a happy state of mind was all I had to live on for survival.  I kept wondering / contemplating on the working of this machine called  mind.

At last, or call it the working of  Grace and Grace  only,  out of the junk box,  the simplest, lightest and most effective tool was gifted to me.   And, as anticipated, it worked miraculously.

SURRENDER is that tool .

How it happened is beyond my comprehensible limits. Which connection, what circle gets completed….. through which medium the communication happens….what language.. what frequency…. no idea but it just happens.

SURRENDER is a very effective tool.

My only Reality is that am getting results.  Nature actually starts to take care.

Today, I can’t hold back the emotion to journal  that whenever I have felt heartbroken and stopped  expecting anything from worldly  support system,  somehow,  this SURRENDER might have happened. At  crucial times, Divine shows up in its own unique form and manner, protects me and  pulls me out. 

Its all at subtle level. Neither anxiety/grief nor peace/joy can be described (by me). But am so sure that if not words,  the essense is reaching you.😊

God’s grace is such a graceful gift from God💞💞💞💞. With this the journey gets easy.   Mind feels light when the burden of   “I”   gets uplifted like I have to take resolve…….. I have to shoulder the responsibility……..I can’t handle this……. I need to work hard…… I am a failure…….   O! such a heavy weight!!!.

In my  case its working. Without exaggeration, I share one anecdote –

As I have shared earlier that a small under construction temple is coming up in my  residential complex.    I  had a heartfelt yearning to attend morning Arti everyday.  And someone as lazy as me who had never ever taken early morning  bath  for even one week in a row, left it on Nature to take care of this flawed being .  I couldn’t muster the courage of  taking even such a small  resolve. 

And, HARI BOL!!!!  Divine has granted my wish.  Maa has made me take bath daily and present myself before HER exact at 7.30 a.m.  Am sure it would go on like this.

Like a child, am so happy.  This small improvement is my treasure house. Transformation is no more my duty. Divine has taken charge of  it.

It has got  easier….with Grace😊😊😊😊. Easier to feel that peace which was my such a close ally until few years back, easier to walk the one and only path I know of that leads to Bliss.


Jai Shri Hari


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