My dearest…,

I am Sure you are at your best where ever you are…!👍

It has been almost half a year without you and it seems “Kal ki baat” when we were there for each other ..!

Life without you is a battle which I fight every day ….Not a single moment which I live without your thoughts and memories…How wonderful it is to live in your beautiful memories & at the same time it’s too painful…!

I read about afterlife in great extent after your demise , there are many articles, therories which suggest that there is a afterlife, we just don’t die and gone, there is much more after that and almost all religion back these theories, I don’t know much about this, but it’s really very comforting to know that your loved ones are always there for you even after they have left this imperfect world.

I know you are always there for me…Looking after me…Trying to heal me in your best possible ways.👍😊

People who believe in afterlife ,believe  that our loved one sends us signs from the heaven like feathers, birds, butterflies and they do visit in our dreams, when our mind is resting ….I don’t know..But I really received feathers one day..All of a sudden…A white feather ….!❤️

What I want to talk about here is the Dream…..You know one night, or rather in wee hours, you came, My God..! How handsome & ,young you looked…The very Man I saw & fell in love…You were beaming, you were just next to me, I could not believe it..You put your arms around me, it felt so good, I wrapped you tightly, fearing you will go again and I won’t let you…..!

You ran your fingers in my hair, kissed me gently, and very sweetly said…” Roya mat kar acchi nahi dikhti”… And laughed loudly, you said you are very well…But feel helpless when I cry….! 

I asked you  why did you leave me??? You held my face in your hands  & said…”It was not in my control” it was my time….I started crying again, but you said it makes you sad and uncomfortable…I must not cry…I must live my life to its fullest….!

It was so vivid , I still remember the colour of your shirt…Your smell….! I remember telling you how much I miss you…You said you know that….! I said pls don’t go…You smiled again and held me tight…..! And phir …..Aankh khul gai….But I was so so happy….It felt so real…..And after a very long time almost 6th month since you have gone, I sang while taking bath….You know na how accomplished bathroom singer I am….!😊

I miss you dear….Keep coming in my dreams like this ….Till I join you one day…! 






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