Look in your hands, do you see anything? 


Thought so. 

But still, it’s in your hands. And mine. The other day something quite simple dawned on me. We are all here on this platform, we all love or at least follow or read Om Swami’s writings. 

Om Swami stands for truth, kindness, love for all of humanity and also recently He shared about Vedic practices and Sanatan Dharma being in danger of extinction. The word extinction also reminds me of the Dodo. The cute, chubby bird once lived in Mauritius, and now there are only a few pictures and maybe some bones left of it. You’d have to imagine long and hard if you want a visual of how it tried to fly but couldn’t.

And that the Vedas may one day just be an imaginary thing is quite disturbing. Imagine this scene in the year 2700. Little 6 year-old Kris with his grand father. 

Little Kris: “Oh wow Grandpa! Your great granpa used to make big fires everyday for 40 days in a row and offer seeds, clarified butter and wood etc. into it? What did he say or sing when he did this granpa??? Why did he do this granpa?? What does being a Hindu mean?”

Grandpa: “I don’t know, my sweet boy. And there is no way of knowing either, I am afraid! There are some old YouTube Shorts which I kept somewhere, but that’s about it. They are each 15 secs long.”

Little Kris: “Oh Okay Granpa! Can we just burn a bonfire in autumn then, at least we can play pretend!”

Cute scene, right? And tragic too. 

But this post is not to share about the gravity of things, and that wasn’t my realisation. 

Instead, what I realised was that, it is all in our hands. Yes us. You and I. 

There are numerous kind and truthful people, who are self-realised and doing their bit too.

But think about it. Do you realise that in this small world, if we are not the ones to start spreading kindness, love and truth into the world as if we mean it, then who will? We out of all people cannot just look out for our own selves. And I know most of the beautiful people here don’t. But that day I truly realised that, we are the ones.

Additionally  if we are not the ones to do our part in practising the vedic way of life, which is all about being inclusive, kind and also through the practice awakening divine energy within us, then who will?

Maybe others will too. But as Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” If we are not the ones who will make an impact with our love and kindness everywhere we go, i.e. work, school, supermarkets, parties and online, then who will? Can we take a chance?

Who will stand up for truth, love, compassion and keeping the vedic way of life alive, if not us? Who will show the way of the virtues and liberating methods, as passed on to us by the epitome of goodness (Om Swami) Himself?

I think, if we gained anything from the Divine, any happiness, any love, any transformation then perhaps it is our duty to give back. How? By thriving to one day become an epitome of kindness, love and living our truth, out there in the world.

And I am not at all saying that we should go and force our ideas and truth on people but instead, let’s empower ourselves so much and let our success make so much noise, that people start to wonder what they can do to also attain that freedom and transformation. I feel that we are the hope and we can make others be the hope too.

P.S: I wrote this post a few days ago, but didn’t publish it. Then figured that instead of it sitting my drafts, I might as well post it. I hope it was worth your time:)