A few days back I was listening to some music in the car , and the song from Anand ‘Mainay Teray Liya He Saath Rang Ke Sapnay’ started playing. I have heard that song a million times before, there is line in that song ‘Choti baatein, choti choti baato ke hai yaadyain bari’.

It’s true isn’t it, if you look back it is always the little insignificant moments that carry an intensity that the big grander things don’t. And this is where it is so important to place attention to the insignificant gestures in our daily life that can make our day. Swami Vivekananda once said ‘ I am more interested in the small daily habits of great people…

I thought of a few small gestures that I personally find gratifying to do for other as well as when it is done for me.

  • Waving at my security guard when he opens the door for me. Needless to say I always enjoy him waving back or smiling back at me.
  • Holding the lift door for someone or someone holding it for me, when I am running to get in.
  • Stopping the car to let a pedestrian cross, and I love it when they wave back in acknowledgement. So if someone stops the car for me, I always wave back as well.
  • Small gestures are not just for humans, I always enjoy petting a stray, and if I can I don’t mind stopping to buy biscuits for them as well, and I tell you these animals have a beautiful smile.
  • Always, always telling my cook she has made a great meal. Even if it is not the best, such a beautiful smile, she shares back.
  • Dropping in messages to check with people I am not in touch with to say I hope you are well. They may not answer back but from a personal space if someone dropped a message for me to check on me, it makes me feel good, so why not do it for others?
  • This one again is my personal favourite, sometimes in a group when someone is talking, the others shut them down mid way, I always make it a point to ask them to continue. 
  • Sometimes when I go in for a doctors’ appointments I carry a small pack of chocolates. I hand it over to them, they have long and endless days. It helps. I learnt that from my students, they do that for me often, and when I am teaching non-stop for 4 hours it always always helps me.
  • Making tea for someone when they are least expecting it on a busy day. 
  • Listening without interrupting.

Would love to hear about your small gesture list.

Amidst all this violence sending out a prayer to everyone.