Hey! This is my recent experience which I would love to share with you all.My daughter is studying in class three.Her online classes were going on daily, but  few days earlier the classes were shifted from online mode to offline.I didn’t get any information that it’s compulsory to attend the class offline.On the other hand ,only 15-20 days were left for the examination to  commence.So I was relaxed thinking that there is no compulsion to attend the class. I, with my two lovely kids were out of the town.We were enjoying the family time.We were at my husband’s place,where he is posted for work.Just because we didn’t get any orders that it is compulsory to attend the school for kids,we were at ease.Then, problems were waiting to come to us.I started feeling little low.( I got ill there). One day I got the  message that my daughter’s examination will be conducted offline.I had no idea that it will be compulsory for all to present physically there.( Because once before exams were held in both mode,it was parents choice) Later,I had come to know that not all students were coming to attend the classes offline. I started puzzling,a little due to my illness and more due to daughter’s offline examination.(we can’t travel back as I was not fit enough to take care of kids alone ).I decided to talk to my daughter’ s teacher.I told her my problem then she calmly said ,It is ok if you submit the medical certificate for not attending the examination.I was relaxed,though I was trying hard to reach back  but my illness was not allowing me.My husband made me understand that it’s not more important than health,so first focus on health.Just before 3 days,I decided to inform the teacher that my daughter is not going to attend examination,so we will submit the medical certificate.(my daughter was also feeling flu symptoms)The other reason for not attending the exams was, my husband works in a hospital so it might be a bad idea to attend the exams with flu symptoms. I requested the teacher to consider our case.She was telling us that these are the orders from superiors.We requested to talk to the head once,but the next day she repeated the same thing.I am sure it was not in her hand, But what provoke me to write about this experience of my life is her behaviour in the whole incidence.I categories myself in  decent parents because I never called the teacher without asking through message.I called her only once in the whole session.In the whole process, I requested her through message and ask her to please revert back once, I need to talk to her for only two minutes,but the thing I feel disappointed about that she didn’t even send a message of yes or no.Again,I would say that she can’t decide it but she can console me through words, gestures .After that ,I feel annoyed because I was expecting a little polite gesture from the teacher.And now the gist of the whole story that I wanted to tell the teacher that this is not the right way to treat the parents when I am just asking for guidance. I was stopping myself not to say a single word about the whole experience because I was expecting that my calm behaviour will definitely help me to solve this problem.Well,I am in the way of solving my problem but I want to tell what I have learnt from this experience.We show anger where it doesn’t much affect us or ruin our work. Whenever we feel that showing anger can ruin our work ,we stop ourselves.In my case ,I controlled myself just to save us from the loss(I got a message that they are not going to promote my daughter).When we say that I didn’t realise but said everything in the flow,it’s all lie.We control where we want to control.Its totally in our hand where we want to show anger where we don’t.I have learnt my lesson from this  experience of my life .I will start practice it.So friends,next time don’t make excuses to anyone that I didn’t realise when I say shit about you,I just said in my anger.It’ s not true for me now!