Hi folks,

hope you all are in good spirits!!

Sometimes life becomes so hard that we start giving up. So much stress demotivation Targets 🎯…….Ahhhh. But “ladki ho kr logi” You are a girl you can manage. 

These words always give so much stress that why we don’t say no to things why there is always an expectation from a woman that she can handle everything!

Everywhere whether it’s home or office everywhere targets expectations. When this be END. Everywhere we are talking about feminism support women “ME too” movements but where are implementations.

why we did not feel bad, why we don’t say I am not feeling good. I feel alone or sad.

why should boys have all the fun every time?

There are still so many women out there who want to breathe in real air. Cry,Scream to let go of her all demotivation vibes.

But how?

There are many people out there who give you suggestions out there but yes being a woman it’s very difficult to be stable in such a cruel world.

Really want a suggestion on this topic!🙏🏻