It’s okay to not be perfect all the time imperfections are beautiful too

Its’ ok not to be strong all the time after all we are human

It’s Okay to cry sometime after all we are all human

It’s Okay to be wrong sometimes  after all we al have unanswered questions

It’s Okay to let go sometimes after all life never is predictable

It’s Okay to rely on people sometimes after all we all need a break

It’s Okay to make mistakes , as that sweetens your success

It’s Okay to be sad sometimes , well life sure is no bed of roses

It’s Okay to be a bit selfish sometimes , hey we all love ourselves

It’s okay to be disappointed sometimes , hey nobody is perfect

It’s Okay sometimes to leave everything to god because he loves you unconditionally

It’s Okay truly is an underrated word because it truly gives you an excuse to feel all those emotions that we keep at bay  .

It’s Okay , God would help you cope , you will truly be fine just never ever give up on your self