Will you be my mother? Doing

Finally today I could gather the courage to write something which will be accessible to many. So far I have only written personal diaries which ofcourse only I could read.

It so happened that I started typing without any clue of what I am going to write. Let me express some thoughts which I strongly believe in, my belief in these got stronger after being in touch with os.me and Black lotus.

Unconditional love – unconditional kindness

When you walk the path of kindness and your heart is filled with empathy and compassion you are always observant and conscious of opportunities around you which allow you to perform random acts of kindness. While we act upon this; at times the person at the receiving end may be known to us or related to us in our personal or professional capacity. It’s not uncommon to have faded unpleasant memories related to those people.

You know what I do when it happens ?

I do the right thing. I do what I should be doing. I do my part, my dharma, my karma. 

Some texts in one of the books written by Om Swami (I guess the book is titled ‘a fistful of love’) are so impactful that they have pulled me out of many negative emotions. It’s mentioned as  ‘the final analysis’ and the last line of this poem says “it’s was never between you and them anyway, it’s always between you and your god”. This has made things very simple and easy. I would do things keeping in mind what my god would want me to do.

This also reminds me of a story I read in another book. Its about a sage who was taking his morning bath in a river and there was an insect (it was a scorpion if I remember correctly) who stinged the sage. The sage did not hurt it back and it stinged again and kept doing so. One of his disciples saw it and asked the sage ‘why are you not hitting the insect ? It continues to hurt you’. The sage smiled and said this scorpion’s dharma is to sting and my dharma is kindness. When it is not leaving it’s dharma why should I leave my dharma of kindness.

You see. It wasnt between the sage and the scorpion. It was between sage and his god. The sage did not deviate from his kindness just because of the actions of others. If we observe we will realise numerous times in a day our behaviour, emotions and actions are driven by somone else’s words and actions. 

Once we have awarwness of this, life becomes easy and simple. 

You no longer choose your actions and words based on anyone else’s. There is no ambiguity.

Now I am nervous of pressing the publish button. If only anyone could proof read it for me 🙂

Please share your valuable feedback.

Jai Sri Hari