Hi friends,
Sharing my poem with you all. Please let me know your feedback and if it manages to trigger some thoughts in you.

It’s true…
Poem by: Saurabh Dixit

It’s true…that time flies
Those good times, bad times,
Nice times, Hard times, 
Nothing is forever…
It’s true…that time flies

It’s true that time is frozen
In our memories…
In little moments…
and in the mist of life…

It’s true… That time is Invested
In our love, in our success
in our smiles, in our struggles

And It’s true… that time waits for none
So… let’s learn how to fly with time…
Let’s revive our memories
and invest in ourselves 

let’s explore all wonders
This life has to offer 
Let’s live a little and allow
our happiness to Blossom

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New year and the best time ahead.
Stay blessed !!!

P.S. Recitation/ Media attachment pending.