Valentine day…14th February,  the lovers proposing or re enforcement love day as I got to know in class 9th. I was too Tom boyish to be romantically to then body standards of a desirable beloved! Many years went by and I had many romantic 💑 associations too but never did valentine day fall in between the relationship period so may be like financial year starting I always fell in love around March post Valentine day and the short term affairs ended before February. Never in school ,college or office did I get a valentine card ,chocolates and roses leave alone the I love you speaking teddy bear! The first Valentine day after marriage, I was at Bombay for a sales training program so I made it a point to send a Valentine card to  then to be Father of my kids with a long love poem ( self composed in capital letters to make it readable).There were no mobile phones back then so we wished each other on land line in morning both busy with own work schedules! After that 20 Valentine days came and atleast 5 initiation years I expected some customary card/ wish / chocolate or roses 🌹 last year first time my Husband gifted me pearl studded ear ring though on my demand on Valentine day But still my card and roses wish dint come true.An hour back my house guard called me to tell there was some courier and I talked to the courier boy ,he conveyed in some language which I couldn’t make out where is he from and who sent him with what.I was sure he was not regular bank ,big basket or Amazon guy.As I stepped down each stairs each fantasy played my mind ,weather my husband sent me? As I took these beautiful roses bouquet in dp with a sealed card my heart beat fastened! I took the risk to take it to my 21 year old daughter and open it in front of her( what if my some 25 year old ex boy freind or some co gymmer had sent) ! Lo and Behold it was from the Sweetest Kevalya! Our own boy saying I love you Meera Maa.Thank you Swamiji for fulfilling my long awaited dream of receiving roses and card on Ventines day!