“Preserve like a seed; even when people try to bury you, flourish.”

It’s we who rise and it’s we who set

Why humans get worried that we may fall and would not rise up again. Till now in my life, I have fallen many times however the fall which almost collapsed me in parts made me what I am today…It broke the dilemma of a most important aspect of my life of being dependent and live a shared life. The moment I realized that it’s my own hands which are going to wipe my tears down, my legs which will help me to walk through hell, my mind to preserve myself and my heart to have patience.

I always admire those times which broke me to the core and made me realize that I am the only one who is there for “ME”, no one else can come and win the fights I have in my life. I have to have faith in me. No one in this world can ever end loving me more than the way I can love myself…Self Love is Real Love.

This heading of my blog is the reality of today’s world…No one could ever push you down…they may try…they may knock you hard….but what just matters is your dedication and determination. It’s we who rise and it’s we who set, This statement must give you an idea of never feeling low even if the world makes you feel so. And believe me, those who knock you down want to break you and to go to them and beg for help. That time is the best time to show yourself…What you are worthy of? Can any push just lay you down…or you believe that there is almighty helping on every path you take….And believe me, guys I have felt it many times. Many people in my life tried to beat me hard in my life’s race and I just kept faith in me and I came out of everything, every time like a warrior.

So, it completely depends on you, what you feel about yourself, and it will make you so. Although this FAITH IN ME constitutes with many disciplines like self-motivation, empathy, compassion, loving, determination, dedication, and many other elating words however this all comes from within. So, If you are true, no power ever can stop you. And if your intentions are wrong, Nothing will happen.

My mother always tells me that “Even when no one is watching, he(God) is the one who is always watching you. So whatever I am doing, I do with selflessness and without any wrong intentions and the results are always magnificent. As of now, As a changed persona, I don’t really think about the consequences, because I know I have given my best and my intentions are pure so whatever will happen, will happen for good only. I also read in Bhagavad Gita(one of the best books, I always refer to this holy book for raising my living and spirituality standards) that What may ever happen in your life, if the intention is content with pure dharma and cognizance, nothing can ever beat you in your life. The result of your karma will always be good if done with PURITY & SELFLESSNESS.

I think reading this blog will set your thinking process free that just holding onto all the thoughts in your life will not make your life any better. It should, only the positive ones that should stay with you. Always remember the key to a great life is having content and faith in yourself and your loved ones. No one would ever dare to do any bad to you if you are the one who determines your success and path. And this is the reality of life that whatever you set, as your goals and pathways, that will only happen, provided you are determined and focused towards your set goals

Things will move according to you if you believe in yourself because always remember


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