We were at an eating complex devouring our Pizza. A little kid was begging around asking for food and he looked so poorly nutritioned that we gave him a slice from ours and then he went away to others. After a little while we heard him crying and begging in pain and on looking around we saw the security guard hitting him with a long stick. Everyone turned around for a bit but went back to eating after a moment or two. To this day it baffles me that how can people behave that way. 

I stood right up and asked the guard a single question “Would you take the responsibility, if this kid gets a serious injury?” “Aree madam ye inka roz ka hai ” (It’s the norm here), the guard replied. “Sir, that’s not what I asked, I asked if you would take responsibility. Yes or no?”. The Guard stood their dumbfounded while we checked the kid for injuries and sent him on his way. “Your duty as a security guard is to provide protection and not to beat helpless children begging for food. Being hungry is not a crime. Nobody gave you or anyone else the right to beat him up. You can shoo them away but never you dare hit another child. If I ever heard of another case like this, I will personally file a complaint against you” 

The best part of this incident was my friends that night said to me “You know, when we saw you today, fighting alone, for a kid you did not know we realized something. We don’t know what was holding us from doing that. But that one act of yours set us free from whatever it was. We promise to always do what you did today”

Happy Independence day everyone 🙂 I hope that just like our country we too will gain independence from all our negative intruders!

Har Har Mahadev 

Ps- sorry for deleting the first one, got a feeling that my mom might mot be okay with it 😊