I have often wondered, which GOTRA I came from, which lineage did these Genes come from? Some research and talking to elders showed that there was a Gentleman called BRAR, who was a descendant of the King of JAISALMER and subsequently his off springs moved to parts of Punjab and one came to FARIDKOT and hence that’s where a my paternal side comes from.

On the maternal side its the SIDHU BHATTI clan, again the origins point to Jaisalmer.
The state of Jaisalmer has its foundations in what remains of the Empire ruled by the Bhati dynasty. Jaisalmer was the new capital founded in 1156 by Maharawal Jaisal Singh and the state took its name from The Maharajas of Jaisalmer tracing their lineage back to Jaitsimha, a ruler of a Bhati Rajput clan.
The Bhatti’s were YADUVANSHI’S, as in they believed their lineage came from lord KRISHNA.

In the 9th century a Bhati Yaduvanshi prince named Deoraj was to marry the daughter of a neighboring chief, about 800 from his side went for the wedding but instead a carnage awaited them. They were attacked and a lot of them were killed.

Legend has it that Deoraj managed to escape and he was taken in by a Brahmin mystic who camouflaged Deoraj as a Brahmin, and put a sacred thread around him. During his wanderings Deoraj was told by a Saint, that lord KRISHNA had prophesied that a Yaduvanshi lad would build the city of Jaisalmer and that it would be ransacked two and half times, which is exactly what happened after Deoraj established the city.

Going forward, many generations later a man Called SIDHU RAO was born, he later went on to have many sons, out of which his son JERTHA went on to have a son called BRAR…Phew! There you have it, the Bhatti, Sidhu, Brar Lineage. All sprouted somewhere from the Yaduvanshi clan!

During Guru Gobind Singh’s time, the Brars dominated the Malwa region of the Punjab. Aurangzeb too dreaded the Brars and did not dare enter Malwa. Guru Gobind Singh in his Zafarnama referred to the how the Sidhu, Bhatti and Brars helped him fight Aurangzeb. In my heart I have the deepest respect for Guru Gobind Singhji, my eyes well up when I think about the bravery and determination of his young sons. Why this world has to prove that one religion is better that the other eludes me. Do they still not realize that all is one? My source for this is hearsay I warn you before-  it was said that Guruji in one of  his previous births was one of Shri Rams sons  (luv or kush), I have no way to ratify this statement, but for sure he was no ordinary human, his life and his sadhana in Hemkund before is proof enough.

My Nanaji told me story about how some of our ancestors turned into dacoits, yes, very colorful indeed. They were no ordinary dacoits by the way, they worked with an honorable code, they would inform their victims of their intent by sending them a letter in advance and informing them of the date of their arrival 😉

So yes. one can say we have Rajput genes….turned into Jats ploughing land, Hindu who converted to Sikhism, but wait, some of my cousins got their genealogy test done, they found a lot of Greek and Iranian bend as well, maybe we are not the original inhabitants of the land, maybe with the repeated invasions the scenario is such for the people of north India in particular. Don’t blame us for standing up for what we believe in, (though what we believe in, may just be a difference of perception), well, its now a genetic defect :), but yes I personally admit, that a lot of my concepts / conditioning of life has disappeared, I do not know who I am….but it certainly feels lighter!

Interestingly in my 20’s, as a part of my self inquiry scheme, I had undergone a 3 day session of past life regressions, I went back to the age of 2.5 – 3 years of age, saw very familiar sights and sounds in Technicolour like on a flat movie screen, without any outside suggestions other than relaxing the body and mind and going within. I saw many lives as a man and some as a woman, lives in many countries and periods as well. What came through was, that I was happiest when I had lead life from the heart, unbound and free of societal pressures. Following social diktat, never brought any satisfaction. All the medals in the end were of no use. I was always searching….

Four instances as per my perception, during this process, were very interesting.

One- when I saw a life as a cute young boy somewhere in Europe, who fell down the staircase and died. In this life too, I would start to get anxious while climbing down stairs, and this feeling became negligible after these sessions.

Second-One of the most satisfying lives I would say, was as an explorer, cobbled streets, Art, travel and all of those wonderful things that material freedom and expertise brought. Late one night as I walked through a dark street, I was attacked, stabbed in the back by four friends. I recall the moment even now, there was no anger, no fury, or feeling of vengeance ………just, sadness, seeing who the perpetrators were. This scenario of betrayal and jealousy with the specific number of people together has played out in this life too, albeit lightly.

Third- One of the most unusual one, seemed like something out of Amar Chitra Katha. What I saw was a feminine energy, who could swim easily through deep waters, as easily she could fly amongst the clouds, she could change her form at will, but, was always very restless and un- tethered. She began to fly around a Saint who was meditating under a tree. The saint however was perhaps not in a good mood that day, for he wasn’t amused with her seeking attention and in an instant, cut off her head!

Fourth – I saw myself going up a very restricted but long staircase (yes, staircase again, it doesn’t leave you till you leave it 😉 amidst a very Gothic kind of architecture, it goes on and on like a never ending trip to the bean stalk, the lack of space adding to my discomfort, but finally much to my relief, it opens up to a huge balcony! As I peered down, I saw a street with metaled roads and a bright red sports car whizzing by? The whole thing didn’t make sense to me and I dismissed it as workings of a overly imaginative mind.

6 months later however it all came together like a jig- saw. I had by that time, left my job and taken a sabbatical to travel to some parts of Europe with my meager savings . I was staying with a friend in London and each day I would pick a spot on the tourist map and make my way there alone. The city as a whole seemed very familiar. One day, I decided to go the St Paul’s Cathedral. There I saw some people lined up in a small queue, intrigued, I joined them. After about a minute everyone started to move and we all started to climb a narrow, never ending staircase! Oh boy, there was no other way to go but upwards much to my dismay, my hands started to sweat as the spiral run became more claustrophobic. Just when I could take no more, finally…….yes, It opened out into a huge balcony, I peered down and I saw that red sports car again! This for me was a confirmation that my sessions of past life regression had some meaning AT LEAST and were not a figment of my imagination and also the fact that as human beings, we have abilities far greater than we know. We have no idea. what we really are.

A few years later, I met an elderly french lady, who had come to stay in Aurobindo Ashram in Delhi for a while.  She apparently could tap into previous lives of a person. In my quest, I went to her, and all she asked was for an object to hold, that I had kept with myself for a while, so I took of my crystal jap mala and gave it to her. She then closed her eyes and began talking….One thing she told me that struck a deep cord was the she mentioned a life, where she saw me as a General fighting in the army of Mahmud Ghazni. Fed up of seeing all the violence and senseless bloodshed, she saw me approach Ghazni asking for another role. I felt next the lady would say that I was then beheaded for dereliction of duty, but no, surprisingly she said, I was then asked to look after the wounded instead. Later I read a book, where I learnt that Ghazni had also made some of his daughters as generals in his army. God knows if its true, but what I do know is, that I have felt an extraordinarily strong emotion arise in me when war and bloodshed is brought up, Its as if I live the scenario, completely perplexed in tears, as to how human kind has not understood the futility of it all!

The above may be all hogwash, who knows…but I believe with certainty in rebirth. Where relationships are concerned, in someways we are all waking each other home. Tearing each other apart to get closer to that truth. Evolution being a solitary affair, guided by Divine grace. Round and round we go from the river to the ocean and back.

Hence, I have come to a conclusion that I am an assorted assembly of experiences, carrying silly, unnecessary baggage that one can certainly drop to become more free. Each period on earth brings with it the sound of a collective consciousness, don’t drown in it, rise above it, the view is clearer. Yes, true happiness comes from within, lasting happiness needs to be cracked. What fun it would be, to finally be out of this merry go around of birth and death.

The moment I saw Gurudev Om Swami, the feeling was Yes! THE MASTER HAS ARRIVED! There was an un-explainable recognition.

I pay my gratitude to you Gurudev everyday for coming into our lives.

Nor Man Nor Woman,

Nor Prince Nor Soldier,

Nor Artist Nor Samurai,

I know not, what I am.

Thankfully…my Guru knows 🙂

Much Gratitude!

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