Hello family! Hugs and Pranaams!

This post is specially dedicated to those of us who haven’t yet even set eyes on the resplendent shining glorious form of our Beloved Swamiji.

No, I am not going to use abstract metaphorical terms. Yes, you see Him in dreams and visions and what not. Okay! But I am saying, what about actually setting these two eyes (four in my case) upon His lovely countenance, and locking stares with those beacons of hope and then shying away lowering our gaze..

I want to look into His eyes too, and then shy and look away. When! When! When!

कदा करिष्यसीह मां कृपाकटाक्ष भाजनम् 🙏🏻

People are recounting here the first meetings, second sightings, initiations and everything. I am jealous yaar! 😭

No, actually I am not, okay maybe a l(o)ittle. But, thank you for sharing those stories otherwise we would have starved! Everytime I read those anecdotes, I cry partly out of happiness but mostly like a baby throwing tantrums, “Papa, mujhe bhi chahiye!” 😭

Lekin Papa kahan sunn rahe hain, kitne busy hain dekho. 😒

Today I have decided to let it all out here and ask my family to join the hunger strike (which ends with your navratri fast, so no worries!)

The jealous Hulk will be holding the (Bruce) banner proclaiming our eternal undying love and the slogans will be none other than the classic, “hamari maange poori karo.” To which Almighty will reply, “Heh, aa gaye bhikhari bheekh maangne!” 🤣

Thik hai, bheekh hi sahi, de bhi dein ab darshan Prabhu! Aur kitni pareeksha?

Alright, those who do not want to do naarebazi can sing the bhajan, “Darshan Do Bhagwan” in Raag Besura while I will play the Taanpura of my mad ramblings.

Now the Navratri has ended and begins the endless ratris of waiting, tossing and turning in bed, planning the morning of Guru Purnima when those सूर्यशाशंकवहिनिनयनम will appear on our device screens. Actually Prabhu is quite merciful, I shudder to imagine how I would have survived if these zoom satsangs were not even there.

Having said that doesn’t mean my हड़ताल will end, okay Papa? I am sitting right outside Your cabin door clutching my teddy bear (tulsi mala) and will not budge until you open and scoop me up in your arms. Then we will go eat some ice cream and shop for बीस रुपए मीटर वाला गेरू वस्त्र! 🤗

Yes, I will stop crying now. Papa hasn’t opened the doors yet, but I heard from the window that He is planning to bring us new toys on 24th morning.

Aise hi toffee dekar chup karwa dete hain hamesha. Let’s see how long you keep me busy in this play!

I Love You, as if You don’t know this already.

You’re looking great by the way. And He says, “Thank You for telling me something I already know!” 



Picture Credit: Rajesh Rajput on Unsplash