In 2003, i came to know about astrology and learnt that there exists ancient knowledge which can be used to predict future. Along with my father i went to uncle’s house. He looked at my kundali and predicted many things related to my life, career and studies. I was in 10th class at that time. i didn’t took it seriously and quickly forgot about it. But, i think subconsciously i heard and recorded his words. 

Time passed and during my 12th class exam, i went to my father and checked with him if we can go to uncle to find which college i will get and how will be my board exam result. This was the first time i started depending on astrology to predict what is going to happen, though my results and college i am going to get has no role of astrology, it depends on my pure efforts. My father refused and told me to work hard! But, still i was not convinced with it. Somehow i persuaded him and we went to uncle’s house. After looking at my kundali, he said that I lack concentration and in hurry make lot mistakes. He gave me 2 gem stones to fix the problems. I happily took it and started wearing them. Time flew and i completed my college.

When i turned mature enough to handle problems in my life by myself, I looked back and thought again on the point uncle told me: ” i lack concentration and in hurry i make mistakes”. I still had those tendencies and they never got resolved by wearing gem stones. Hence, i took charge of it and removed the gem stones from my fingers. I started slowly being mindful when i lacked concentration and did not hurry while taking critical decisions. This helped me a lot in reducing my mistakes.  But, again i fell back to astrology when bad time started knocking my path.

In office, suddenly many things changed and it had impact on me. Again, things were not going as per the plan and in last 5yrs, i became strong believer that with hard work i can achieve everything and was very attached to the results. Now, time came when things were not happing my ways even after all the hard work. I think still i didn’t completely surrendered to Shri Hari with my devotion due to which again i took my phone and called up uncle.

Again i explained him all the situation and he suggested me few things. He gave me again 2 gem stones to wear. In those, 2 months nothing changed. But, one great thing happened due to Shri Hari ‘s kripa, i came in touch with a great devotee of Shri Hari. I told him what i was going through. He asked me only one thing, were you so worried in last 5 yrs when things were going your way. I said “NOOO”. Then, he said why are you worried about this time, this will also pass. Work with full dedication as if Shri Hari has asked you to work and keep looking for options. This is a test which will give you great learning!! This actually struck me hard.

I again looked back all my 5 yrs when i had great time in office and life. My mind got conditioned that everything is in my hand and i can change everything with my hard work. Now, i call every hard time as “TEST” and with this test, i got an opportunity to course correct my thoughts. I removed all gem stones and surrendered to Shri Hari. I started working peacefully in office with full dedication without thinking of results and only thinking that Shri Hari wants me to do it with full dedication. In few months, i got offer from other team and i switched my team. Again life was back on track. But, only one thing changed now every morning i remind myself of “Shri Hari” and surrender to him completely.

As we all know, it’s very hard to detach oneself from all that one goes through the hard times. In my chat with, Shri Hari bhakt i told him that with all i went through in past 3-4 months and due to this team change my hard work is reset. Due to this, my promotion will be delayed. He said “Look at what you have gained. You got “Hari Bhakti”. It again struck me hard. I got real GEM OF MY LIFE “HARI BHAKTI”.

Now, whenever hard times stand infront of  me and my desires/wishes to get something takes me for a ride, I stop all of them by saying “Jaisi Hari Icha”!!

Key Take Aways:

  • Only your habits decides you future. No gem stone can change your behaviour and it is you and only YOU who can bring any change!!
  • Be assured no planets in this world are here to harm you in anyway! Everything is creation of Shri Hari and take his shelter alone!
  • Whenever emotions and thoughts takes you for a ride.. kill all them by saying “Jaisi Hari Icha!!” This will immediately calm you and bring you back to present moment! 
  • Om Swamiji says “Take shelter of belief what makes you strong and not weakens you!”.. Ultimately it points to just believe in Shri Hari and all will be fine!
  • Astrology is a tool use it to get some strength in terrible time and improve your tendencies (i.e. Vritis)! Don’t let it become your weakness.



Jaisi Hari Icha!