Journey to Self-discovery


...will have to go one day.

On my maiden way.

It’s a long journey, a discovery

To find the eternal treasury

Which no one knows where is hidden

But, rest assured: it’s not forbidden.

Whether I find it or not—

I’ll cherish the moments on spot.

That’s the way I want to set sail

That’s the way through hell.


Life is a bubble’s play:

There is, and won’t be in a sway.

If you ask what’s then the takeaway—

Exploration, exploration!—and nothing else I say.

To live fully, to go all the way

Is the only necessity, only pray

’cause wasted is that life which fails

To pull up the anchor, to just sail

On the endless shores of existence

With wonder in their eyes, with gratitude 

In the Absolute Sense.


Heart is the child of seafarers

Eternally restless, always breaking barriers.

To listen to the heart is the only way out.

What we seek is maybe within—this great doubt

Will liberate you someday or other

It’s just a question of time. So don’t bother

What’s going to happen; what is already happening

Is in no way less than miracles… shining

We’re just blind to see, deaf to hear

Doors of perception are not yet so clear.

By God’s grace or by one’s own efforts

That’ll happen. Just to carry on

Is what is needed…just to carry on…


Thank You for reading.

With Love, Alok 🙏