Ah lovely days lie ahead

what good is winter without the sun

what joy could possibly exist

without the one you love.

Above all the things I’ve come to value

it’s God Himself

I treasure most

for in His remembrance there’s peace

a joy unknown.

Lazy mornings at my altar

I speak to Him of foolish things

And each day I grow a little softer.

O God, please spread this happiness

spill like water everywhere.

There maybe cold nights

filled with quiet

tad bit damp

dreadful too

long they may be full of toil

but just as each dark hour runs its course

let every creature find its source.

Why what’s the right way to live

if it won’t fill our hearts with joy?

Oh joy joy joy so much joy

O prayerful Lord

thank you for these blissful moments

when You and I are by ourselves.

It is my strength.

It is my life

It is my joy.

And prayer has become a song

sweet music flows

in gentle waves.

While dawn turns to dusk

your rememberance stays

In my forgetfulness too

You find your way.

In aloneness, we are together

Like fish to water

in joy we weep

in sorrow, we are entwined deep

love, you’ve taught me

is a bird set free.