Humans have lived and evolved in a very different and unique way over billions of years. Time has evolved the nature, ethics, and culture of Human beings. There was a time when humanity had unlimited resources and limited wants, but time and technological advancement have changed the equation making unlimited wants with limited resources and not to forget the population explosion.

The evolution of human nature has made humans more practical and more vulnerable to emotional imbalance. If we analyze the current situation of the world, we could divide people into three categories. Either they are happy (full of joy), or they are sad (full of grief) or they are suicidal (full of depression).

People who are full of joy and happiness can be subdivided into different subheads as to why are they so, the reasons behind these can be Materialistic, Emotional, or Spiritual contentment.

·         People, full of joy due to material contentment are those who are situationally happy. If they achieve a target, they are happy, if they don’t, they are not. If the sales target is achieved, they will get drunk at the party to celebrate their success and if they can’t then they will drink to forget the target. The happiness of such people is always based on a reason.

·         People who are happy emotionally can be regarded as of childish nature, they are happy if they get what they want and if they don’t, they get upset,” Mai Naraj Hoon” types. They have a split second of happiness and sadness but if they don’t change this it can lead to major problems in the time to come.

·         Joy is when people are Spiritually content. No expectations, no demands, happy in every situation they are put into. This kind of joy is said to be true and long-lasting as they are not bound by a reason to be happy. They follow a simple rule,” NO EXPECTATIONS, NO CRY”.

Then comes the ones which are full of grief or they are just sad. Again, these can be subdivided into two categories: Grief due to Material discomfort or emotional grief.

·         Emotionally sad are those who always want every dream of theirs to be complete. These are those people who usually want to live in a fairy tale world where everything is complete, full of love. But Alas life is not a fairy tale but a roller coaster ride. These people, if they don’t realize the facts on time move to the third stage of depression.

·         Materialistic sadness is for those who have seen either the Zenith of success or have never seen anything in their lives. The people who have seen the zenith in professional life and due to an incident fall back to ground zero if loose hope will be the ones full of grief. On the other hand, are the people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth or become rich by chance if fall down is the ones who will move on to the next stage of grief, the depression.

Depression or the step towards suicide.

·         Emotional people due to their childish nature or not understanding the situation can lead to a situation where the person puts himself into depression and lead to suicide. Such suicide can be considered as stupidity as these will lead to frustration of people attached to them and this will lead their loved ones to the same position.

·         People who find their way into depression due to materialistic reasons can be subdivided into two parts one on zenith, they have a valid reason for being into depression as they have lost the hard-earned money and could be under pressure from society and others for the same. Whereas those who just blame their luck and situation for being in the condition and never take a step to change the same can’t be considered reasonable for any circumstances.

Laying down such facts we can say that the three words Joy, Grief, and Depression are the ones which if kept unchecked can be very contagious. Thinks, which kind you are and Act accordingly.



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