Couple of year ago I heard that on the night of Mahashivratri;

Mahadev comes down and touches the earth 🌎, blessing the planet with His grace.

A song rhyming this message came to my notice, from that day, this song reminds me of Mahadev and day of Mahashivratri 🎶🎶🎶

अरे कोई मंगल गाओ जी..
(Someone sing the auspicious glories (of Lord)
धरती अम्बर सजाओ री
(Decorate the earth and the sky for his welcome)
उतरेगी आज मेरे पी की सवारी..
(He divine vehicle will arrive today (on earth)

Wishing you all a very happy and blessed Mahashivratri.

Day of the sweet Lord. 🌷🔱🌷

Loving him ❤ and having heard his glories, meditation is one word that comes to my mind.

Meditation, the way to exist with least friction possible, no friction in fact! Yes.

Today’s morning has come with a quality of silence, while I can hear songs playing at a distant on Lord Shankara but silence and music can be heard at once and calm and alertness prevails at once.

Shiva Anand Lahari
🎶Wave of Lord Shiva’s Joy🎶

At humble and lovely feet of my Lord.👣

The space is filled with vedic chants of Sri Rudram, the ethereal fragrance of dhoopam is calming the minds and hearts of the Bhakta-jan. On the other side, the mellifluous sound of chime; and mesmerising and absorbing sound of anklet belt that Rasikas (bharatnatyam dancer) has tied around their feet as they dance, making the ambiance crackle with joy and tingle.

Devotees in their own ways are worshipping the Lord. Worshipping him through songs, rituals, milk or just offering him water or a beal leaf. Over him flows incessant soft drizzle of holy ganges and pure milk, holy bath offered to Lord.

Every emotion, every thought, every endeavour that rose in devotion for Lord is reaching Him. And those sat in meditation, he is witness to the silence that prevails in those meditators, in their conscious. Every drop of abhishekam is reaching Him.

In their own way and understanding, each one offers to Lord their expression of devotion and reverence to Him.

Swelled with the devotion of the devotees. Lord’s heart’s full. Tingling with joy and saturated with dripping Love.

Seated in His meditative posture. His feet gently surges with energy to bless his bhaktas with his joyful dance, he opens his eyes like sun appearing on oceans’ horizon!

The day Lord sings the glory of His devotees and dances with love for them in His heart.

The sound of veena flowing like a maiden rivulet comes down from a lofty Hill.

The chiselled body of Natesha stands like epitome of grace and finesse embodied.

The thousands of hours of Meditation and the dexterity of various skills and art is reflected as perfection on His divine physical form.

The one who effortlessly made the point to the greatest of all time archer, Arjuna. 🏹
The one whose trident never misses an aim. 🔱
When He stands with a sense of inebriation of joy and ecstasy for his devotees. ✨

The universe is set to get mesmerized and blessed in his ecstasy, love, grace and his blessings. 🕉🙏🌷

The sound of damaru and mridangam (percussion instruments) raises like waves of heavenly sound with music of veena flowing and easing the intensity of His favourite percussion ensemble, Yakshas, are playing the instrument for their revered Lord. The tune of flute pierces one’s heart and thumping of  damaru enthralls one’s being.

Dimi dimi dumi dumi.. 🎶🎶🎶

Lord assumes the posture as the rhythm of the music unfolds. His body flows like perfect alignment sways in dance.
He moves like a gentle river flowing with lower beats of mridangum

Dhak dhimi dun dimi dhak dhimi dum dhimi… 🎶🎶🎶

The thumping echos of mridangum brings out the pride of this universe in his limbs, his limbs poses and moves gracefully yet powerfully..

Lord’s right feet at rear end and left feet adorning the single anklet placed at fore, rests firmly. Gently curved torso, face mesmerized in love and joy, He raises his right hand holding damaru making swift and small to and fro movement spreading the healing uplifting beats of damaru naad.
He raises his right feet and dances on the left one which adorns an anklet, moving his body in circles with His right hand up again playing the ethereal damaru naad, his left hand falling with grace and ease  pointing downward like a beautiful stalk of lotus.

Dham dham jahan jahan tarikit tarikiti dhum dhum…🎶🎶🎶

His matted hair locks swirls like tornado and falls on his shoulder like strong bolts of voluminous waterfalls. His tiger hid attire sways like carefree but tamed madness.

Tàk dhini tàk dhimi… 🎶🎶🎶

Swift feet movement sends evoking tremble to the mother earth. Sending the waves of happiness, joy and awe in the nature…
The swift moves captures the attention and heightens the awareness of this world.

Joyful dance of mahadev 🔱🐍 2

Jhana jahan jhini jhini..🎶🎶🎶

The Yaksha’s seem to be energetically dancing with their Nateshwar!
His swift moves merging in gentle poses and from them emerging powerful postures enthrals the nature, every vermin, every leaf 🍃the sun and the moon, His audience.

Dhûñ dhûñ dhãm dhãm 🎶🎶🎶

Around this dance of the Divine, rests the deep stillness as He moves.
Stillness and Movement at same time!

The one who sees and embraces the Lord and beholding his dancing form can experience the dynamism of dance and stillness. 💃🧘‍♀‍

The devotees are mesmerised, waves of joy spreads across the Universe.
Musical rhythm of the evening is now begun to transform in the deep silence and stillness of the midnight. Electric day, giving way to still quite meditative night.


He inspires one to take charge of their destiny. Be their own ‘makers’.

In stillness one finds the source of where you have come from and who you are, (ironically when) in fact.

When all that which is referred to as ‘You’ are not then that is! 

While I have failed miserably to put Lord’s dance in words, at the same time made have made a successful attempt at this.

At His lovely 👣 feet. 🙏🌷🔱

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