“The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words.” –Unknown

This quote is saying everything that my heart wants to say. Sometimes we speak without even thinking. This happens with me also. We don’t know what damage words can create in our life as well in others.

Since a few days, I am facing similar things related to this. Some people are just saying anything to me and I am not reacting much. I don’t know from where this level of patience and tolerance comes to me. But, with time I started reacting with firmness and kindness because I know that the other people around me are either depressed or troubled.  The other person behaved in that way because that person was angry at that time and so on, but what about us? We can be angry sometimes or we can be feeling low. Don’t just give licence to other people for hurting you. You can always cross-check where you are wrong and can improve or seek guidance if you want. But stop listening useless comments or suggestions of other people.

Conflicts are very normal in our workplace. We experience exploitation on a daily basis by our boss or by some of the senior colleagues. I never understood why we need to tolerate any kind of rude behaviour of other people. I know we need to be kind. Yes, we are kind but that does not mean that the other person can do whatever they want to do. Sometimes I think when our boss says wrong words to us we feel upset and we think that he must be depressed and we forgive but at that time we forget our self-respect also. We forget ourselves at that moment.

Oh, yeah he or she is our boss so we cannot say anything. I really want to request everyone that even if you are a boss or a senior don’t exploit your juniors. They have a heart. Be kind to them. Forgive them or guide them don’t just exploit them in front of others. We really don’t know what’s going in their lives.

One thing every person needs to keep in mind is to not take anyone for granted. We don’t have any right to say anything to other people. Our words can hurt anybody. It’s ok to get angry but we should take a moment and let the other person know what hurts us by communicating clearly and gently. Don’t let that person go in anger but make sure that they don’t repeat the same behaviour with us.

We humans don’t have a lot of tolerance power in us. So, words are a really beautiful gift that we all have. We play with words all the time. So try to play with words around goodness and kindness. Words can inspire others, words can make other people laugh, words can change anyone’s life but words can also break anyone. So, it is up to us to choose what we want to do with our words. Even I need to be more mindful too because sometimes I speak without even thinking. So, I will work on it.

Thank you

Keep Smiling

Riya Om


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