Zoho, where are you going that early? You are not looking, ok? Xeric is also going with you. Why are you asking me all this? Vini, you are just a friend, and I am not answerable to you. Unable to express my emotions right now, but I want to say I care for you. Then, I would suggest you go back, don’t follow us. So, don’t you consider me your friend anymore, Zoho? Right now, I am disappointed with your actions and words. Question is, why don’t you care about my emotions? Vini. People think friendship is all about trust. Oh, yeah, but you are over possessive, Vini?

No, I am not that much, you think. Maybe not, but your actions tell a different story. Love does not mean you can tie a person. Know that; I never tried. Just in case you felt I was protecting you yesterday Zoho. I don’t need that protection. Hmmm, I understand this. God, this is not good. For now, we need a break. Earlier, I thought this will never happen. Due to your misunderstandings, our friendship will be ruined. Can we not call each other friends anymore? But I did not expect this. Ah, ok, we are friends, but just friends.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om 

PS: This is story from Z TO A , a task given by Medha Ma’am in a writing workshop. This was challenging but tried.