Just live in the present,
That forgot you,
Pay attention to everything,
That you rarely do.

Don’t let your mind dawdle, 
In the blue infinite sky,
Cherish every moment, 
And give always your best try. 

Don’t let the tomorrow shade, 
The happiness of today,
And taking your smile away, 
In any possible way. 

Set an aim in your mind, 
You’ll focus on the person, inside found, 
The moments with him you share, 
Are the only things you should care.

Laugh so hard till, 
It doesn’t hurt,
Let the tears of happiness drop,
Because it’s something to let it apart.

When you fought any battle, 
It doesn’t matter you win or lost, 
What did you learn from it?
The only thing that matters the most. 

It can take moment or a whole life, 
To change your life’s path.
Never fear of ending, 
It took place just for a fresh start. 

You can become anything you want, 
But not everything you chant. 
Learn the difference between passion and profession, 
One feeds your stomach, one gives you satisfaction. 

Life is just a collection of moments, 
Some happy, some dark and some gray. 
But in the end at the death board, 
Will realize, every moment is equally worth to end.

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