Teenage brings the weirdest and moody phases of my  life ever . For me , it’s weird and makes me feel like a complete crackhead. It’s been a year or two since when my teenage years actually started. For recent, talking about mood swings , they are even worse . Anxiety and anger issues are stressing me out lately which often led me to real awkward situations . In the case of anxiety , it makes me panic doing the slightest things . Socializing was never my thing from the very start. My circle limits to hardly 5-6 people except family. 

Social anxiety is something a lot of people go through . 

I am too facing problems in expressing myself and meeting people I never knew . Talking to a complete unknown person is really difficult for me  and the symptoms of social anxiety are just extreme . 

But the thing I  love the most drawing doodles or cartoons while being bored or feeling anxious . I keep wondering for activities or things that would make me feel calm but end up messing . 

As for now , I started writing recently to express myself here to have a good interaction . 

This is my first time expressing myself writing …

With no worry🌸

Jai Sri Hari 🙏