Even if you are the laziest person in the world:

Finish what you started.

When I have, I’ve discovered that…

There is magic in “hitting the finish line.”

And, when you touch that line or cross over to the other side,

you discover your qualities, and goals, or even drop some.

And the discernment comes:

Which to cultivate, which to drop, and when to make a new start…

However, save yourself from these traps:


🔴 Treading into unnecessary goals when you are aware they are redundant: Just because you got started does not mean, you have to finish. There’s a conscious awareness that’s waiting to be implemented. 

🔴 Pushing too hard, too soon, and being counter-productive: Need I say, patience is a virtue?

🔴 Not striking a balance between when to start and when to pause: It’s not “start to finish” at all times. Sometimes, it’s a start, pause, and finish. 


I learned this lesson on self-development through conscious action.

I hope this helps you too. 


image credit: Pexels.com