At the Ramakrishna Mission 1st of January is celebrated as the Kalpataru day. Kalpataru is a mythological tree in Hindu philosophy, a tree that can fulfill everyone’s wish. 

On the 1st of January in 1886, Sri Ramakrishna was at that time ill with a painful throat cancer and was living in Cossipore with some of his monastic disciples. He knew he would soon leave his mortal body. On this particular day, he was full of joy and he was feeling a little better and had come down from his room. He then spotted one of his householder devotee, Girish Ghosh, and abruptly asked him “Girish, you, I find, say to one and all everywhere so many things about me (that I am an incarnation of God), what have you seen and understood (about me) that you do so ? 

Girish, looked at him and replied with a choked voice ” What more can I say of Him, whose greatness Vyasa and Valmiki could not find words to express?”

Ramakrishna then smiled and said “What more can I say , may you all be blessed with spiritual awakening”? 

The minute he said these words, all the disciples around entered into Bhava samadhi, and entered into ecstasy, some started chanting mantras, some wept, some stood steadfast, some laughed, they forgot about pain, disease and even time, some saw divine visions. It was almost like the Master had come to grant a gift before he left his mortal abode.  It was like he had turned into a wish giving tree. 

Since that day, devotees usually flock to the Ramakrishna Mission on the 1st of January, believing even today, Sri Ramakrishna fulfills every wish. But one must remember the significance of the day, is it as simple as Sri Ramakrishna granting everyone any gift they want? I am not sure if you go ask for a car, you will receive it(maybe you will, I don’t know)

It is really more, much more, if one could understand the significance. On that day he revealed his true self. And it is not about granting everyone what ever they want. The disciples of his that received the blessing that day had already dropped of all worldly  desires. Therefore they were able to experience a high state of samadhi.

I believe this is the day it’s not that he grants you all that you wish for, it’s more like he helps you drop all that can be a blockage to you realizing God. But you need to ask for the right thing earnestly, then you will receive.

Happy New year to all of you.


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