Supne vich Tusii mile Asanu

Asa dha  galwakadi paaii

Nira Noor Tusi hath Naa aae

Sadi kambdi Rahi kalaii

You came to me at last in dream

I struggled to enclose you in my arms.

Ah,but your efflugent self slipped, gliding 

from my grasp.

Leaving my arms trembling….

Ja charna te sheesh nivaya

Sade mathe shoh na pai.

Tusi uche asi nive si

Sadi pesh na gaye Kai

I bent my head to touch your feet

Your touch eluded me still.

Abased as I was how could my trembling hands

Attain to your exalted self.


Fir lar farne nu uth ture

Par lar oh bijli lehran

Ud da janda par oh apni

Chhu Sanu Gaya lagaye

Helpless in reaching out to you

Then I rushed up to touch your waving scarf…

This too ,like a lightening-flash,evaded me,

Swift in its swirling.

Mitti chamak pai eh moi

Te tusi Luan wich lishke

Bijli khund gayi thurandi

Hun chakachaundh hai chhai.

One touch, one faint and momentry touch

Blessed my being 

And in this ecstasy a spirit filled my lifeless 


Brightness burst out from 

Each pore of my body

It was all in a flash, a trembling instant

My eyes were left dazed by the blinding 


This is one of the famous poem by Bhai Vir Singh ji …KAMBDI KALAI