During the last lockdown, I was at my maternal grandmother’s house. During my childhood there used to be many cows but not anymore. So, I thought of buying a cow and took permission. A few days later, very early in the morning, a few children woke me up and said they had seen a cow nearby. They asked me why I didn’t take care of her. I hurriedly made my bed and reached there.

The first time when I saw her, she was weak with a deep wound on her back and insects all over. I took her home, called a vet and started treatment. I bought straw for fodder and animal feed and managed to make a shed under a Mahua tree. Gradually her health started improving and she started recognizing me. I bought a bell for her and named her Kamdhenu, people used to call her dhenu. It was winter and during the day , I took her for walks and sat with her in the evening after lighting bonfire. At night I used to cover her with a thick mattress and whenever I went near, Dhenu lovingly used to rub her head against. The whole family started taking care of her, and I returned home.

A few months ago , I went again to my maternal grandmother’s house. As always, I started walking towards the garden with my friend and we saw a fat cow running towards us. Both of us got frightened and ran to save ourselves. Just then, a child shouted, “Bhaiya , she is your dhenu.” I stopped,  she came to me and started rubbing my stomach with her horn lovingly.