Tell me, O sweet Lord of mine
How does a stone smile
tower above the race of men
enamour them?

O immovable Lord
standing still for centuries
four armed, three eyed
omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent…

O desirable Lord
Of sculpted stone
we bow to you

O merciful Lord
destroyer of grief
giver of boons
who are you?

What attraction
does a stone hold
to make the onlooker
fall in love with you?

O serene faced Lord
I know your smile
I know when you are sad
silent tears don’t escape me
Neither do your pranks.

You say nothing
your eyes are but chiseled stone
You see nothing hear nothing
And yet the heart yearns
for a flicker of your eye.

O dark faced Lord
Your limbs ever graceful
pleasing to the eye
a gentle westerly breeze
oh come down from the sky.

In awe of you, O Lord
who and what are you
Your secrets I can’t understand
Will I really ever know you
or die as foolish as I was born?

O Heavenly Father
my beautiful beautiful Lord
I know you return my love a million fold
for each smile of mine
playful, you give a hundred more…