Where soldiers from all regions(including north east), religions (including islam) backed by all other overt n shadow agencies fought most bloodiest battle in history of india. There was no religion here except Patriotism. There was no race here except Tricolour. That’s Kargil conflict for you all in brief.

I specifically mentioned All Regions coz we tend to associate armed forces mostly to north India when we had martyrs from North east and south India also. All Religions again,patriotism is assumed as owned by some religions while ignoring others esp when Muslims soldiers as well died for perching flag on frozen heights.

It was not just army, but also commandos from Navy ( MARCOS) Paramilitary, intelligence (RAW-VIKAS commandos), Airforce gave their blood on snowy peaks. Again wars are fought on multiple fronts. Be at borders or in Board rooms. Other agencies like Diplomats swung world’s opinion to back India; Intel agencies who were able to tap mushraff secret secured call from China to paki field commanders. That single call nailed pak’s lies to world and changed America views on kargil conflict.

Loc region is always Grabbers Keepers. Musharraf plan was perfect. Occupy peaks & stay on. What he couldn’t factor in was grit of jawan of Indian army. War was bloody & brutal & no holds barred. Fighting uphill, with scant resources ( only then Indians realised we lacked what we need in high level mountain warfare) was sheer mind-boggling challenge. But grit of Indian army was made more tougher than iron nails. They soon conquered the peaks. Kargil was fought led by young officers. Sacrifices of these young officers Inspired even veterans, legends were born.

After 1971 war, Pakistani POW Gen Niazi was confined in Jabalpur cantonment. Eminent journalist Kushwant Singh interviewed him & in some context asked him what’s urdu inscription hung behind him. He said ” Allah stands on side of truth”. Kushwant Singh then said ” yes, India won because India was on side of Dharma”. Same applies to kargil.

What happened later was sadly Like any other major crisis incident. Review commitees set up, blame game between armed forces vs intelligence agencies vs political class while no one took blame (remember how 1971 war credit was taken by everyone).

I m not sure if this subject can be posted here. Kargil & 1971 war are two wars I read extensively. As kargil issue happened between May-July 1999, these memories rose in my mind & spontaneously written this post.