Someone said something beautifully,

One thing to learn from Fog,   when darkness falls in life and stops showing distant, continue to goes, the way will open automatically.

Hello friends, I’m Kajal coming with a learnable story of a king Who had collected his treasure by wrongly robbing his own people’s money and jewellery.

The king hid that treasure as a dungeon in the forest.  He made two keys.  His path was known to him and his trusted minister only.The king had given a key to the minister so that in a short time he could go and check whether the treasury was safe or not.  were robbing more and accumulating in it.

Once the king came to mind that I would come to see at once how much money was collected.  He left early in the morning without informing anyone. He went crazy seeing the treasure, got mesmerized.He started thinking of himself as Alexander.  They felt that there is no one richer than me in the world.  At the same time, the minister had to leave by coincidence.  He saw the door of the basement open,He felt that he had come a few days ago and remained open away from him.  He hurriedly locked the door and left.  On the inside, the king was mesmerized in diamonds, jewells, gold. 

When his mind was full, he left to go to the palace.  As soon as he reached to door, it was closed from outside.  He made a loud noise.  He knocked door but noone answered.Nothing happened enough to open the door.  He also had a key, but none of that happened to him.Nothing happened enough to open the door. He also had a key, but none of that happened to him.

He started praying to God that someone should listen to his voice and someone should save him.  Hours passed but no one came.  Now the king was feeling hungry and thirsty.  looked inside,

There was nothing inside but.  The king started shouting loudly.  He went mad when he started talking to the treasure.  He was dying of hunger and thirst.  He fainted. After a while he felt he was dying. He put diomands as deathbed. He wanted to give message to world. He took a diomand and cut his nerves. He wrote something on wall by his own blood.

Here everyone was looking for the king, but he could not be found anywhere. The minister thought that before anything happens, I take out some treasure for myself.He goes there and sees that the king has died there.

He saw something written on the wall, ”This wealth of my whole life which could not give me a sip of water and a bite to eat.  This is the fruit of my own karma.”

This is a small story but we are taught a lot.  Since childhood, we know that we will not take anything from here.  Our good deeds.  The blessings received from him will go with us.Still, we are running only after asking them.  We have a purpose to come to this world, we have forgotten that.

So that I’m again saying, If you want to share, then share a smile.  With God’s blessings, with your hard work, with the love of your loved ones, do whatever the world wants to do like you. Be like you.