A few days ago, I was flying a kite very happily and enjoying each moment of flying kite to the fullest. While flying kite, suddenly an innocent pigeon came across my kite string and got hurt. I tried to save the pigeon by moving the kite string but before I could help, the pigeon got hurt. I felt bad that a pigeon got injured because of my kite string. It was painful sight to see that. But as moments passed, I forgot about it and kept flying my kite. A few minutes later, my kite got cut and while winding up, my kite’s string got struck somewhere, I was trying to pull it, in doing so I got a cut on index finger of my right hand. The incident made me realize that we must not hurt anyone by our actions because good deeds give good results. Therefore, we should not harm any living being. So, I wonder that, how little incidents give us wisdom for life.


Keep Smiling😊😊