Blog- Karma , can you control your destiny 

Karma means how your doing , how you are making your life . How are you conscious about your karmic account or determined to your destiny . What is happening with you , it is my making , I am held responsible for my own action . My life is based on my Karma .

Why are we suffering ?, it is because of my memory and imagination nothing else . You can not suffer by past because it is not existing , the things which is not existing , how you can  suffer .

How the induvial destiny can be designed , there are six dimensions ie >thought >feeling>action>attitude,

>altitude>personality > destiny .

You may control your destiny by your good karma and action , the most attributed factor is your ATTITUDE-if you number it alphabetically , it will come 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100%, your attitude will give you 100% success in life and it will make your destiny .

Om Shanti , Astro Ashok

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