Hey to whomsoever is readying this stuff!!!

Karma, what is this, let’s not get into Sanskrit explanation or any other. Those are verbal and memory test, nothing great.

Lets become a part time archaeologist of Vedas of its true meaning.

Vedas point out that, we are symbiotic yet independent, like our body organ system, yet it talks of becoming independent with full surrendering to higher force or complete working nervous system to realize ones potential.
Elaboration : Self point of view :: We have always heard of the statements, Help others, be a part of some one life, it always good etc etc. Somewhere we human beings have justified these actions as, God’s work. Technically what is God? who, where, still a mystery for many and me.

Let cut the lens, I personally believe in theory cause and effect and the disposition of energy of each action. When we help, lend etc, are we helping them, probably to certain extend, are we helping ourselves, probably yes. If everything is a probable, what is the combination of all actions, to a certain element of understanding our actions, intention and the laws, under which nature operates.

As per eastern slogan that says, “we are nothing but mediums to each other”. Lets say, I didn’t help a old person while walking, just brushed it off, some one else did the job, so, some how, help or work in whatever language that’s suits one’s understanding, “WORK GETS COMPLETED WITHOUT OR WITH ONES HELP”.

Then what the point in help, taking a leap of faith, assuming that, all work will happen the way it has to happen. Then what’s one role in the activity.

Well I am here to share my experience, my point of view,

I feel this entire bundle of Vedas, stories are nothing but a major puzzle to solve and not some conditioned rules.

When i took leap of faith over Vicky and Ramu, considered to what they have to say and blindly follow them, certain things I understood that,

Sharing my resource :: Initially, when i use to do this, would differentiate in giving, as mine and yours, would feel discomfort for unknown reason, the day when decided to share the resource to the way I utilize for myself, the feeling was good. This is the max i have come in understanding feeling of religion of oneness, but not in totality or probably nothing .

Dissolve of backlog karma :: When we get in touch in other human beings and life force and be a part of there conversation or journey, we share each other stories and automatically our feeling of courage to face our conditioned thoughts increases, I particularity didn’t use the word ‘LIFE’ here, because not understood, what it is. This feeling of courage make us feel that everything is mutable, as you hear more and more miraculous stories and faith. Personally, felt that i was living in a cupboard in a palace of knowledge.

As you proceed this journey, the network increases, knowledge flow increases, the confidence to face and the illiteracy of the unknown for the survival mode itself will glare on the face.

Question? Are we doing good or bad karma to ___ or to ____ [Fill in the blank].

But? there is more, isn’t? The question of what is this ____, how to get more of this ____, still hovering my mind.

One thing is for certain, that i can say, the work – life – spiritual balance is total non-sense, there is nothing like that, attaining freedom is not negotiation, either your free or bonded, no in between path.

Personally i took one year to just de-conditioned my one thought, there are hundred’s of them too. You and I cant be on a path of survival and find freedom. This is assured. So I say this, people, if you have certain financial back up, start testing your faith, later you may not need the support, initially you will. Who knows Kal ho na ho :-). Lets the cut the stories that our conditioned minds cant understand like rebirth and many more, because it will the make the mind to go into escape mode and loses its concentration from being free. This life is equally important as the earlier and next, as per nature choice.

As i end this, if we are unable to laugh at our conditioned thought process, then we are fooling ourselves.  Hence look at the image, that what the nature is doing looking at us probably :-).

Hara Hara Mahadeva


P.S :: Pour in your thoughts…..