Are Our Existing Life Problems Linked With Our Past Lives?

Indian Astrology is closely related to the principles of Hindu Sanatana Dharma. Hindu astrology gives utmost importance to the karmic baggage that we bring from our past births

Current birth blessings and sufferings are direct outcomes of our past birth deeds. According to Indian astrology principles, we are born because we have unfinished duties from our past lives. This can be closely related to words from Bhagawat Gita. Karma has a very important role play in our lives. We are what we do and whatever we go through is the result of our own karma. The proverb “What goes around comes around” phrase explains it all.. There are off course controversies for every theory and skeptics consider karma as illusionary. It is true that the principles of Vedic astrology are built around the concept of karma and its influences,

·       What aspects of our lives are influenced by karma?

Almost every aspect of our lives is influenced by our own karmic diary. Positive actions lead to good karma and negative actions lead to bad karma. It is that simple.

Vedic Astrology associates current life crises to our collective past birth deeds. Hindu Sanatana dharma strongly relates to the fruits of karma and its influence on moksha.

The role of past lives in existing crises and Vedic astrology is associated with Hindu assumption and this procedure of astrology conversations about past lives and collected karmas of prior lives which get embodied in dilemmas of the existing life. Vedic Astrology is established on the belief of karma in the notion of Moksha.

At times, when we meet strangers, we get a weird feeling of having known them before or some kind of connection. It could very much be related to our past birth memories. The karmic certificates hold the key to unanswered questions in our lives. At times we struggle in life for absolutely no fault of ours. For Eg. No matter how hard we try, we may not accumulate wealth, may not enjoy conjugal happiness, might be bad-mouthed for absolutely no wrong done despite honest efforts, etc.

Vedic astrology also speaks about the different influences of curses from past birth which results in “doshas” in one’s kundali that commonly cause difficulties in begetting progeny, difficult marriages, career problems, money problems, and many other life problems.

We can find the reference of past birth karmic influences in current life mentioned in various reputed astrological references like BPHS. So, if we desire to enjoy eternal bliss, we need to have clear intent and actions. Good karma leads to good life not just in this life but even in life ahead. Doing good deeds will negate the effect of evil planetary afflictions in an individual vedic astrology birth chart or horoscope calculator and help to live an enriched life. This is one of the  best pieces of advice one should be given when you consult the “best astrologer in bangalore” and talk to astrologer for best advice .


Based on the research done by learned Indian astrologers, we have shared the role of karma and its influence on our lives. Certainly, karma is not fiction. We must ensure not to accumulate bad karma by putting our needs and wants ahead of others. What we experience in the material plane is illusionary and we must never get attached to it. True Hindu is the one who realizes that everything is temporary and what we gain here will be left here. Before taking any wrong step to gain immediate pleasures in life, we must remember the rule of Karma -“Karma repeats itself”