Karunashtake are creation of Ramdas Swami, Great God Ram devotee. Karunashtake are in Marathi. When a person reaches to a higher most state of spiritual development how he feels and what are his thoughts about his life on the earth, are well described here, He realizes that it was useless to run after money, material, things, relations which he collected and acquired and never brought a real happiness and peace to him. He totally surrenders to the God, he believes in. and finds the house of unending happiness and everlasting peace. 

I tried to explore meaning of each line as per my understanding . I have put swami word instead of rama . I offer my bhava at swamiji’s divine lotus feet 🙏

अनुदिन अनुतापें तापलों स्वामीराया ।
O Swami , I am tormented by all the troubles in this world , everyday i am getting frustrated . 

परमदिनदयाळा नीरसी मोहमाया ॥
you are the most merciful , you are the only one who can destroy Infatuation .

अचपळ मन माझें नावरे आवरीता ।
my mind is not stable , I cant control my mind myself .

तुजविण शिण होतो धांव रे धांव आता ॥ १ ॥
without you i am incomplete please come now to help me .

भजनरहित स्वामी सर्वही जन्म गेला ।
I have spend my whole life without your bhajan swami .

स्वजनजनधनाचा व्यर्थ म्यां स्वार्थ केला ॥
I did selfishness for material things i had in vain ( like money , relationships )

स्वामीमाई मति माझी आपुलीशी करावी ।
O Swami , please take my wisdom towards you .

सकळ त्यजुनि भावें कांस तूझी धरावी ॥ २ ॥
let me lose everything that i have and follow you .

विषयजनित सूखें सौख्य होणार नाहीं ।
I understood all material things won’t give me real happiness .

तुजविण स्वामीनाथा वोखटें सर्व कांहीं ॥
O Swami , without you everything that i have is of no use .

कृपाळा दयाळा रे हीत माझें करावें ।
Hey lord , please have mercy on me and take me to right path .

दुरित दुरि हरावें सस्वरूपीं भरावें ॥ ३ ॥
let all evil powers get destroy and let reveal my own truth .

तनु-मन-धन माझें स्वामीया रूप तुझें ।
I surrender my physical body – my mind – my wealth everything at you .

तुजविण मज वाटे सर्व संसार वोझें ॥
without you i feel burden of this world , I want only you .

प्रचलित न करावी सर्वथा बुद्धि माझी ।
please never my wisdom be get affected with any other thoughts than you .

अचल भजनलीला लागली आस तूझी ॥ ४ ॥
because of your bhajan , I miss you from my heart .

चपळपण मनाचें मोडितां मोडवेना ।
my mind is like wind which cannot be control .

सकळ स्वजनमाया तोडितां तोडवेना ॥
I have big Infatuation with myself which cannot be broken .

घडि घडि विघडे हा निश्चयो अंतरीचा ।
my belief is gradually reducing .

म्हणवुनि करूणा हे बोलतो दीनवाचा ॥ ५ ॥
to take me out of these things i am praying to you .

जळत ह्रदय माझें जन्म कोट्यानुकोटी ।
since from many births , my heart is burning .

मजवरि करुणेचा स्वामीया पूर लोटीं ॥
O Swami , please take me under your divine shelter of love .

तळमळ निववीं रे स्वामी कारुण्यसिंधू ।
you are ocean of compassion , please  quench my craving .

षड्‌रिपुकुळ माझें तोडि याचा समंधू ॥ ६ ॥
with your grace , please remove six psychics of mine – kama, anger, fear, Infatuation, greed and ego .

तुजविण करुणा हे कोण जाणेल माझी ।
without you , no one can understand my deep feelings .

शिणत शिणत पोटीं लागली आस तुझी ॥
day by day , I remember you lot .

झडकरि झड घालीं धांव पंचानना रे ।
please protect me from all my inner enemies .

तुजविण मज नेती जंबुकी वासना रे ॥ ७ ॥
my life is meaningless without you , I want to think about you only .

सबळ जनक माझा स्वामी लावण्यकोटी ।
O Swami , you are the most beautiful , you are my saviour .

म्हणवुनि मज पोटीं लागली आस मोठी ॥
That’s why I came to you .

दिवस गणित बोटीं ठेवूनि प्राण कंठीं ।
from the bottom of my heart I am waiting for you .

अवचट मज भेटी पायी घालीन मीठी ॥ ८ ॥
when you meet me unexpectedly I will hug to your divine lotus feet .

जननिजनकमाया लेंकरूं काय जाणे ।
how child can know how much his parents love to him ? 

पय न लगत मूखीं हाणिता वत्स नेणे ॥
when calf don’t get milk from cow , he starts to give little beat to his mother .

जळधरकण आशा लागली चातकासी ।
I am like a bird that waits for rains to quench its thirst .

हिमकर अवलोकी पक्षिया भूमिवासी ॥ ९ ॥
even when the bird is flying high in the sky, all his attention is on the chicks at home .

तुजविण मज तैंसे जाहलें स्वामीराया ।
In without your presence , I am too feeling same .

विलग विषमकाळीं तूटली सर्व माया ॥
at the time of death , all bonds will get break .

सकळजनसखा तूं स्वामि आणीक नाहीं ।
O Swami , you are the only everything and everyone for me .

वमकवमन जैसें त्यागिलें सर्व कांहीं ॥ १० ॥
I have omitted everything else which takes me away from you .

स्वजनजनधनाचा कोण संतोष आहे ।
Is there any satisfaction in getting material things?

स्वामीजींविण आतां चित्त कोठें न राहे ॥
let my mind be stable at divine lotus feet of dearest swamiji .

जिवलग जिव घेती प्रेत सांडूनि जाती ।
those whom I consider my beloved , will leave  me when I die .

विषय सकळ नेती मागुता जन्म देती ॥ ११ ॥
even If I take many birth again and again , yet my desires will never be fulfilled .

सकळ जन भवाचे आथिले वैभवाचे ।
people around me , they know me by my wealth .

जिवलग मग कैंचे चालतें हेंचि साचें ॥
I have practical relationships with other people .

विलग विषमकाळीं सांडिती सर्व माळीं ।
at the time of death , everything I earn in life is going to stay here .

स्वामीया सुखदाता सोडवी अंतकाळीं ॥ १२ ॥
O Swami , you are the only one who will free me from suffering of death .

सुख सुख म्हणतां हें दु:ख ठाकूनि आलें ।
I am constantly in search of happiness but I often experience is only sorrow and misery .

भजन सकळ गेलें चित्त दुश्र्चीत जाले ॥
my confused mind can neither concentrate on meditation nor in bhajan .

भ्रमित मन कळेना हीत तें आकळेना ।
I am not understanding where I can find real happiness .

परम कठिण देहीं देहबुद्धि वळेना ॥ १३ ॥
I am still running after the external happiness, the materialistic enjoyment and I fail to search for inner joy .

उपरति मज स्वामी जाहली पूर्णकामीं ।
O Swami , with your grace , I now know the truth and I am satisfied .

सकळभ्रमविरामीं स्वामी विश्रामधामीं ॥
you have removed all my delusions .

घंडिघडि मन आतां स्वामीरूपीं भरावें ।
I am praying , my mind be remember you every moment .

कृपाळा दयाळा रे आपुलेंसें करावें ॥ १४ ॥
Hey lord , please accept me , please give me an everlasting place at your devine feet .

जळचर जळवासी नेणती त्या जळासी ।
such as aquatic animals do not know the glory of water .

निशिदिन तुजपासीं चूकलों गूणरासी ॥
like that , I do not know your glory , even though I am near you .

भुमिधर निगमांसी वर्णवेना जयासी ।
O Prabhu , shesha and vedas are also unable to describe your glory .

सकळभुवनवासी भेट दे स्वामीदासीं ॥ १५ ॥
Hey Swami , you are everywhere . Have a glance at me and bless me with your vision .

🙏 Jay Swamiji 🙏

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