Boro means boric and olin is taken from latin word meaning oil ! My nostalgia of boroline sugandhit antiseptic cream ranges from my nasal buds sniffing them from my Grand father who applied it after each shaving session ,which was twice a day at times…he was retired after working woth British officers so very cleanliness freak..specially for facial hair..
Thank God he had eye brows….

Any ways i remember him having a green metalic tube with black capital letters Boroline, so here are some of my growing up years with a staple cream of many indian house holds….

As a baby if u have diaper rash use Boroline…

As a toddler if your knees are rough apply boro line. As a new runner ,skater or player if u hurt your knee apply boroline..

As a teenager if you get pimples apply Boroline. As a new adolescent if u want a sunscreen again rub Boroline…

As a new house chores doer if u cut your finger or burn your hands Boroline is handy again. Season change and u get allergy…apply Boroline. ………… Mosquito bite or bee sting Boroline is here to sing…

Dark circles or acne marks why dont you use Boroline! ……………………………. Chapped lips get a kiss of Boroline. Cracked heals Boroline at your service again. Boroline was among the pioneer Swadeshi companies launched in 1929 in Chakbogi a hamlet in suburbs of Calcutta ,by Gour Mohan Dutta. Though Boroline connects all Indians ,still Banglas are as proud of it as they r of Rabindra nath Tagore and Satyajit ray! They carry it in each part of world like a life line. Another interesting fact which needs to be mentioned here is that Boroline distributed 1000 free tubes of its antiseptic perfumed ointment to celebrate Indian independence on August 15 th 1947…

This is not a brand promotional post but my nostalgia with the cream .If each member too comments on how they relate to Boroline,i ll appreciate it a lot. The non Indian residents can also mention their childhood household favourite antiseptics!

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