Each one of us has started the new year 2021 hoping it would be a relief from the tumultuous 2020 we had with the presence of our very own Corona Virus.
The year 2020 has been a challenging year for each and every person on the planet Earth. Clearly Earth had problems before as well like pollution,poverty, unemployment and a vast spectrum of various health issues including diabetes,cancer, immunodeficiency diseases etc. against which the researchers have been working day and night to provide a cure. But this year 2020 brought everyone including these researchers on their tiptoes. The fear of death and loss was overwhelming. This fear soon turned into a disastrous reality. It was substantiated by the large number of cases of the patients infected by the virus and even those who lost rheir lives fighting it’s deadly claws. This left behind the family, friends and acquaintances of the patients in a sense of loss , melancholy and despair by the unfortunate and untimely deaths of their loved ones.
The major cause of deaths is not the disease but the lack of hope and motivation to love. Once a person is tested positive for the disease, he thinks that this is the end. He believes he can’t go back to his normal life and would wither away slowly because of his illness. He thinks no support or medications can save him. The condition is worsened by the lack of support from his peers and loved ones. Therefore it is very important for a person to get a constant support, love and motivation from the people he considers close and respects. He should be inspired by the various events in his life to be done once he overcomes his illness, the people who look upon and care for him. He should be motivated to keep the will to live and fight his fights with his full power. He shouldn’t be treated like a patient instead like a oerson with all the paths ahead of him.
Saying it all, mind is a powerful tool and should be constantly kept engaged with positive thoughts and motivated. We should keep us surrounded by our loved ones who can save us from falling into the abyss of negative thoughts.

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