How often have you heard this line KEEP MOVING?

·       Mandir ki line

·       Ration ki Dukan mai.

·       Award function

·       Convocation mai

·       Medicine shop

·       Vaccination line

·       Your gym trainer

·       Completion of PhD.( trust me ask a Ph.D. scholar)

Yaa and a lot of other places. Jokes apart but have you ever thought about how these two words can change your life and that too for good.

One line that can make a lot of sense if taken in the right direction. We have all learned about how elders have always told us to keep moving forward. Learn different lessons from life and situation and then keep moving.

Every single obstacle is a stepping stone for the individual when he hears and reacts in a given situation.

If we try to understand the meaning of these words in different phases of life.

·       Childhood: when we see toddlers these are the ones who have a never say die attitude and they are the ones from whom we need to learn this quality as they don’t stop at one thing and they are always moving forward. So we never need to ask them to keep moving(they don’t stop at one place).

·       Adolescence: This is the age with lots of questions, lots of if’s and but’s. the confidence is either over the sky or rock bottom. This is the age when the kids need the hand-holding, they need to understand the hormonal changes that their body is going through, and this is the time they need to understand what life is. They need to understand that everything is ok and we need to keep moving. (Remember the vocal cord change)

·       Struggle: the struggle of life as to which field to choose, which specialization to choose from, what is that we need to do if we need to be successful in life. The hits that we get emotionally, physically, and psychologically. But yes we need to understand all are not the same and things would be different at different levels so just keep moving.

·       Job: it is always said that if you hate your teacher you haven’t met your bosses. The job can be hell for you and you can be the one who can lead a good life or a bad one. It won’t be the same for all it is a roller coaster life and be ready to keep moving, you may be slow, you may be fast you may stop for a while but don’t stop moving.

·       Married life: surprise you are married and there is someone in your life and trust my life wont to be same ever now. There will be a mixer of emotions, some fights, some misunderstandings, some hates, whatever you feel.

Life has a whole: life is not going to be the way you want to make sure you keep on moving as if you cant be happy at a given period you can’t be happy ever in life.