Discipline & Consistency

Whenever I plan on doing something and do not achieve immediate positive outcomes I start re-figuring the plan. Treating it the cause of failure. It may be the reason but mostly it is about how well I executed the plan (quality) and importantly have I followed it till the end?

When I started meditation three years ago, my enthusiasm was very high. I was like- I am going to kill it. I started taking short-term resolve (Sankalpa) for various meditative practices. Compromised on my sleep, health to complete the resolve with the motive that some grand change will happen quickly. But I was so wrong.

The benefits of meditation are subtle changes that sometimes have amazed me by seeing changes in behavior and thinking. However, they were not firm at this point. Taking resolve helped me in building discipline and willpower though. But after some time, my enthusiasm started shaking. It was not the same. And this lead to inconsistent meditation sessions. After a while, those benefits started shrinking.

It made me frustrated. I thought what was the use of meditating. So I realized that having the discipline to meditate for a short term is not enough. Neither quantity is the key. But a consistent and quality meditation is required for a long-lasting change. Even if it’s taking out a few minutes every day.Had I maintained consistency, the benefits would have become firm. It’s like planting a sapling and then nourishing it to make a tree so that storm does not break it. Making the roots stronger.

I feel this is true to whatever I am seeking in life. Having discipline is one thing and building consistency is another. The motivation will come down. The mind will get distracted. But once we surpass a certain level, it becomes a little easier to stay for long. 

Thank you.

Jai Sri Hari!