We go through life day after day, living the same life in a loop ,all the while trying to do better each day. All of us either try to do more of everything each day while others barely keep up. The difference between both of these people is……guess what …….none. Both of them are exactly the same. The same species sharing the same genome and constitution. But the difference between these is their insight and the way of seeing life ahead.
Some people see life as simply a path to be moved on, with their entire emphasis on just sticking to the path. They consider even a slight deviation from that path ,a great mistake. It’s nothing wrong to have an agenda or a dogma for life but when we obsess over the need to do the same thing ever and ever again. Changes can be difficult and even challenging. Changes aren’t always acceptable when it changes the things we bear sacred. We can’t give up things we’ve been doing religiously and take up those we don’t want to.
When such a change comes , it’s better to take it slowly. Taking and giving up a habit step by step. Thinking of it as a route to the original passage we want. Make it a stepwise project over time.
The other set of people who may seem to be indifferent to the environment, are infact also swerved by the changes. The only difference is that they are not obstinate upon walking on a single plan they have selected to reach their goal. Instead they are compliant to any path provided it reaches the same goal.
So from above , I Guess it’s quite clear that the only difference between individuals is the path they take to their respective goals and the way they see and accept it.
Just a change in insight and flexibility are the qualities to imbibe to pursue our selected goals the way they are irrespective of the path. Don’t be too stressed over stuff that happens everyday. We always have tomorrow to correct it . But this doesn’t at all mean wasting our time over worthless things.
Work hard everyday and Never Ever give up.

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